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Jul 14, 2008 06:41 PM

Birthday dinner in Bristol or Providence: Cafe Central or Pot au Feu

Wanted to try something new for my birthday this year. Chez Pascal is a favorite in Providence, and we really enjoyed Persimmon in Bristol last year. Under consideration is DeWolfe Tavern or Cafe Central in Bristol, Pot au Feu in Providence. Thought about Sienna, but the last time we tried to go the noise was overwhelming, and we walked out.
Any thoughts?

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  1. Actually, for special occasions, I've found Gracie's to be the best. They'll take extra special care of you. Ask for the Wine Room!

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    1. re: lightman6

      Unfortunatley, Gracie's has never impressed me. We have gone before Trinity Rep, and I was underwhelmed. Perhaps I should add that we are originally from New York City, and were spoiled on the rare occasions we splurged.

      1. re: bawc

        the central just got a real nice write-up in last weeks prov pheonix,for what thats is really good,from a real persons viewpoint too,we love the week day tapas menu also.Bristols a nice place to walk around,not to touristy,great going with the central ,or maybe persimmon,which is right around the corner,might need a reso though...

        1. re: im hungry

          Le Central is a fine neighborhood rest., but in that neck of the woods Persimmon gets my vote. The food's inventive, and the flavors are so fresh, esp. this time of year. I know you mentioned you've been before, but the menu changes often (maybe nightly?), it would probably be totally different.
          If you're just choosing between Central and Pot au Feu, one thing to consider is that the atmosphere at the latter is lovely. The downstairs bistro is cozy and romantic. The food is on the traditional side, but it's known to be consistent.

          1. re: frobb

            to choose between Le Central and Pot au Feu is a no brainer for me. Le Central all the way and lately chef Jessie has been honing in on local products from area farms!

      1. I think our decision will come down to weather. A beautiful clear evening, and we can head out to Bristol, but if it another terrible rainstorm, we will stay local in Providence. Hopefully, reservations won't be a problem mid-week, this coming week. Now I just have to hope the babysitter doesn't cancel...