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Jul 14, 2008 06:17 PM

Bridal shower venue in Bethesda/Rockville

My wife will be holding a bridal shower for her friend in September and needs some help on a location. It will be a party of about 15. Looking for reasonably priced place in Bethesda or Rockville with a private room. Food can be anything--a tried-and-true venue is most important.

There was a post on MoCo locations with waffles before on this, but this bride does not have the same syrupy dietary requests. . .although you never know when Bridezilla could rear her head.

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  1. What about the Black Market Bistro in Garrett Park? I think they have a small room to the right that you can reserve.

    1. I once saw Persimmon hosting a shower. Since they aren;t normally open for lunch, they gave the entire restaurant to the shower, and the bridesmaids were decorating the lovely front room.

      1. I don't know if they really have a private room, but Tower Oaks Lodge does real well with groups.

        1. Its been a while- but I remember hearing great thigns about Moasaic Cuisine and Cafe in Rockville. No idea if they have a private room though..

          1. I don't know about a private room, but what about Jaleo? If you're having a luncheon you could probably take over a section of the restaurant. I've heard Positano has a private room but I've never eaten there. Any chance of moving it to Silver Spring? You might have more options there.

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              Addie's in Rockville has small rooms that would be conducive to a party.

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                We had our rehearsal dinner at Positano. They have several private rooms and were pretty easy to work with. The food was crowd-pleasing. McCormick and Schmick's also has a private room that will seat around 40 people.

                1. re: small fry

                  I also hosted a group event at Positano and found them very easy to work with and that people were really pleased with the food.

                  Still, I think for a shower Addies or Black Market may be more suitable- they just seem more girly and the food tends to be lighter. I have also never had a bad meal at either place.

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                    I second Black Market. And- that new restaurant is opening (sometime soon?) on Bethesda Row- Redwood, by the owners of Sonoma.