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Jul 14, 2008 06:13 PM

Das Wirtshaus zum Herrmannsdorfer Schweinsbräu, Germany

Has anyone been, and if so, is it worth the trip from Munich? Would you share your experience? What dishes do you recommend?

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  1. Has good reputation, in particular for bio-food. Sports two restaurants, one more simple in something like a former barn, the other more sophisticated trying to be upscale.
    In both prices are about 20 to 30 % higher than comparable non-bio restaurants in the area.
    Was there once 9 years ago and tried to go back maybe 4 years ago - unfortunately the pigpen is (was) next door and the wind came from that direction.
    Some bio addicts did not bother and seemingly enjoyed eating in biological correct atmospere - I decided not to sit down and definitely will not go back.
    If you want to leave Munich for an experience at about the same distance:

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    1. re: Marc

      Hi Marc, thanks for your feedback. I guess if I decide to go, it should be on a non-windy day!

      Would you mind sharing what kind of food they serve? I looked at their website, but it's all in German. Is it traditional Bavarian fare, all pork-based, or something different? How much would a 3-course meal with a glass of wine (beer) average? And is Villa am see Tegernsee in the same price range?

      Thanks! I'll be in Munich for a week the end of August, so you'll probably be seeing me around on this board in the coming month.

      1. re: yumyumyogi

        They have all kind of Bavarian food, which is not only pork. For example they offered in the past things like roast veal with truffles. It is only a guess, but you should expect 3 courses with one glass around 50 in the beergarden and 80 in the restaurant.
        Villa am See has two different restaurants too - should be 10 to 20 Euros more. But a chef who had a star at the previous location and wants to earn it for the new one is a different league. And you are not sitting in a (admittedly nice) barn or a backyard, but on a terrace overlooking the lake and the alps.
        Still: if bio-ethics is a major impetus, you have to see Hermannsdorfer, because it is the icon for bio-Damascus conversion. (Schweissfurth sold one of the biggest sausage-industry empires to invest his millions there in bio-correct-everything and you see pilgrimages of addicts, while Villa am See will not be ashamed to offer foie gras)

    2. Hi,
      So... did you go there? how was it?