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Jul 14, 2008 05:59 PM

Oceanaire Wednesday Night

I'm going to Oceanaire on Wednesday night... have heard mixed reviews of it. I understand their menu changes daily based on the fresh fish that is available, but can anyone recommends any specific appetizers, drinks, desserts, and items that are on the menu all the time?

Thank you!

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  1. I posted recently about my experience there and the mods moved it to the chains board so don't be surprised when this is moved. You can check on their website in the morning to see what fresh fish they are offering that day. IMHO that's the best way to go. I had the Hawaiian Big Eye tuna ($38) simply prepared, grilled with olive oil and loved it. They do have more reasaonably priced entrees as well. The fried clams and fried fish are also good. Wish I had room for the Baked Alaska, but that will have to be another trip.

    1. I've never had anything but positive experiences there. Just be aware of you are getting into, which is fish served in a steakhouse atmosphere with portions and prices to match.

      I agree to go with something checked as fresh that day (usually 10+ varieties). I have enjoyed both the simply grilled, as well as come of their specialty preparations (which change often). Just go with what sounds good to you and know you can't go wrong. I have had the big eye tuna as well. it was great and the portion was big enough to share. The raw bar offerings are all consistently good.


      1. I've been to Oceanaire twice - both times for drinks and appetizers at the bar. I really enjoyed the food and the bar atmosphere, but my BF had an awful lunch experience just last week so I realize there is some inconsistency - both in the restaurant itself and perhaps between the bar and the main dining room. That being said, I can recommend the oysters (great watermelon mignotte), fried clams, and fried calamari. I had a tasty salad one time as well, but can't really remember much more than that. I also had the baked alaska and while the presentation is fun, I found the taste of the residual alcohol too strong, overpowering the meringue.

        As for drinks, we had a really nice Australian sav blanc one night.

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          For those who go out during Rest. Week, do you think the enclosed menu at Oceanaire is worth it? I feel like it's definitely the time to eat at this pricey place and while the menu isn't too adventurous, I can always enjoy good crabcakes and berry bread pudding.

          FIRST COURSE
          Clam Chowder, Caesar Salad or Fried Point Judith Calamari Cherry Pepper Aioli

          Simply Grilled Bay of Fundy Salmon
          Chesapeake Bay Style Lump Crab Cakes, Mustard Mayonnaise
          Stuffed Georges Bank Lemon Sole, Lemon Beurre Blanc
          Costa Rican “Black & Bleu” Mahi Mahi, Sweet Onion Confit and Roquefort Bleu
          cheese butter

          Key Lime Pie
          New York Cheesecake, Peach and Bing Cherry Compote
          Seasonal Berry Bread Pudding
          Grand Marnier Crème Anglaise

          I know someone liked Caliterra recently too but I feel like we might be the only ones eating there. Menu looks good.

          Grilled peach and Prosciutto with toasted pine nuts, Mesclun greens and balsamic vinaigrette
          Seafood Cosmopolitan with sea scallops, shrimp and lobster with mango, and red currant ­ cranberry dressing
          Duck salad with baby spinach, fresh Mission figs, herb goat cheese and an orange basil vinaigrette

          Rack of New Zealand Lamb with fig and mascarpone raviolis, baby zucchini,
          Cabernet and roasted garlic jus,
          Sautéed Halibut on pesto risotto with a concasse of fresh tomato, balsamic and extra virgin olive oil
          Sautéed breast of duck with peach and raspberry chutney on Vidalia onionquinoa, and fava beans
          Sautéed filet of salmon with eggplant-olive caponata, basil and Asiago polenta and red bell pepper coulis
          Sautéed Statler chicken breast with morel mushroom sauce, roasted jewel fingerling potatoes and sunburst squash

          Meyer lemon crème Brulee
          Black and White chocolate mousse cake
          Raspberry sorbet with fresh berries

          1. re: Joanie

            I think Key Lime Pie is required on the menu in order to participate in RW. ;)
            Honestly, the Oceanaire menu looks sort of boring. The appetizers are way "eh" - the only entree that sounds mildly interesting is the mahi mahi and the desserts seem pretty standard.

            The Caliterra menu looks awesome in comparison - Lamb with fig and mascarpone ravioli? mmmmm
            And if they have actual morels in the mushroom sauce for the chicken, they have to get some sort of RW award.

            Hope you go to both actually, so I can see if my menu clairvoyance is any good.

            1. re: Joanie

              The crab cake with the mustard mayonnaise is off the hook. I love it - usually get a little more of the mayo on the side. I love the food here - no complaints about it at all. Freshhhhhhhhh oysters - if you want a little splurge - to add to the meal.... makes it a worthwhile visit.

              1. re: Joanie

                I could go for the Oceanaire menu. The mahi mahi sounds especially good. On my visit there I had the Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna which while simply prepared with olive oil and lemon. was absolutely delicious.

                1. re: Joanie

                  Wow - the Caliterra menu sounds fabulous! All three of those appetizers sounds good, and the lamb with fig/mascarpone raviolis would definitely be my choice for main.

                  The Oceanaire menu pales in comparison, IMO, although the crab cakes would be my choice for main.