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Whre should I eat in St. Martin/ St. Maarten, Caribbean?

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Can anyone recommend a place to eat in St Martin and possibly St. Maarten. Price is not a issue but I'd like to hear all areas covered...fine dining, casula places or roadside/beach stands? All food types... seafood too ! Thanks ahead of time.

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  1. Johnny B's Under the Tree in Cole Bay. it's BBQ in the front yard of Johnny and serves grilled lobster (cheaper than anywhere else on the island, ribs, steak, chicken etc. He is famous throughout the island and Caribbean. Very, very, (100 veries) casual.

    1. my favorite is MARIO'S BISTRO in Sandy Ground (on french side next to bridge). always the best.
      next comes any one of 5 or 6 restaurants in Grande Case: California, Alabama, Testevin, Spiga, Rainbow, Auberge Gourmande......
      another nice spot is Marina Royale in Marigot. there are casual places and more formal ones in a pleasant waterside atmosphere. good for people-watching....

      on dutch side in Simpson Bay, SARATOGA seems to always be good.
      PEGLEG PUB in Port de Plaisance is great for a burger or something
      informal with a large variety of beers available....

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        Peg Leg Steakhouse in Simpson Bay is very good. They have very good steaks for the island.

      2. There are so many choices!

        Perhaps you should try one of the more recently opened Dutch side restaurants that are getting great reviews: for example Fusion in Philipsburg, 3palms resto-lounge in Simpson Bay, or French Touch near the Caravanserai resort.

        On the French side, maybe a mainstay like Le Santal in Sandy Ground or Spiga in Grand Case? For lunch, try the Loterie Farm on Pic Paradis.

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          We had a lovely lunch at Le Source in Marigot at the Marina. It was offering 1=1 if you paid cash. California in Grande Case advertises 1=1 too but we did not go in. It looked slightly tacky. There is a Lolo (BBQ) that looked amazing with grilled lobster. Wish we went there instead of Le Ti Provencal. Terrible service. They also serve Parrotfish, a real no no. Bring USD to get the 1=1 on the French side, otherwise eating out is $$$$.

        2. Mario's Bistro is probably one of the best on the island. La Pressoir in Grand Case is also great, as is Spiga.

          1. Funny thing about eating out St.. Martin is that you quickly realize that the French are no more gastronomically adventurous than many middle Americans. Virtually every French restaurant offers escargot, mussels etc....All imported to the Caribean to make the French feel at home. Kind of like burgers on the Champs Elysees.

            The best bets for the local authentique gastronomique are the lolos (food stalls) in Grand Case or Le Ti Coin in Grand Case. The latter was our favorite restaurant on the island. High end creole by chef Carl. My goat curry beat anything that I've had in Jamaica or Brooklyn. Carl created a cream shrimp dish on the spot to appeal to my finicky 6 year old daughter. It was great. I helped her some. He also makes the lightest best fish fritters on the island. Claude Mini Club in Marigot is also a hoot. They do an island buffet with live music on Saturday nights. I am not a buffet guy usually but it has hard to turn down all you can eat grilled lobster (usually $25 a half on the island). Their roast pork is killer. The setting on the waterfront in Marigot can't be beat.

            L'California is horrid (They pull in customers by offering one euro to one dollar exchange rates). As a result even the frogs are walking around with greenbacks. Expensive crepes and chewy formerly frozen mussels.

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