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OK. What are the best tacos in LA?

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I've had the magnificent al pastor from the truck at El Taurino on the weekends. Same goes for the carne asada at Yuca's hut. I've scarfed La Bonita late night.

Any suggestions on places I'm missing out on? Trucks are especially good. Thanks.

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  1. Tacos Tumbras A Tomas
    Stall A-5 in Grand Central Market
    (213) 620-0477
    317 S. Broadway in Downtown LA

    BEST (and biggest) CHICKEN TACOS in LA.

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    1. re: weebie

      the cabeza taco's there are also quite good.

    2. El Tapatio in the corner mini-mall at Victory and Fallbrook. Their carnitas soft tacos are delicious, and you get two with rice and beans and chips and salsa for $3.50!

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        i agree on the carnitas. sometimes we go to loteria grill at the farmerĀ“s market. Breakfasts are great

      2. My vote for the ULTIMATE tacos in LA is Loteria at the Farmer's Market at 3rd and Fairfax. My SO and I have tried EVERYTHING on the menu... and EVERYTHING is delicious!

        We put Loteria through the authenticity test by inviting some Mexican friends of ours to try it. The first good sign was when they ran into a bunch of their Mexico City friends at the counter, who told us that Loteria has quickly become the Mexican-Expats' place of choice in LA. ..... As we ate, our friends gave us the tumbs up - their food tastes like the food you get IN Mexico.

        The people are friendly, and the the food is great. They make their tacos on hand-made tortillas (the lady is right there, making them fresh). I love the chicken dishes - the incredible Mole and the Pipian (pumpkin seed and peanut sauce) and my SO loves the Cochinita (Pork), the Chicharron (pork rinds), and the Champinones (Mushrooms). Our friends, who have been back several times now, love the breakfast as well.

        How do we really feel?........ This place rocks!

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        1. re: Dinah

          Yes! I am from Mexico and can say that the BEST tacos are at Loteria. My wife and I moved to LA from Mexico 6 years ago. We have looked everywhere in LA. This is the first place we have found where the food tastes as good as it is in Mexico. We have gone many times and we live almost 1 hours away. I hope they open one near to my house.

          Viva Mexico! Viva Loteria!

        2. I agree that Loteria Grill is excellent. In a completely different (and probably much less authentic) vein, I really like the BBQ hard shell tacos at Lucy's El Adobe on Melrose near the Paramount Studios.

          1. For al pastor, it is hard to beat King Taco. Since they sell so much, it is always fresh, unlike 90% of al pastor sold in LA which tends to be hard (old) and way too greasy

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              Where is King Taco?

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                There were King Taco booths all over the LB Grand Prix last weekend. I probably ate about 10 throughout the weekend. The al pastor was the highlight. They did a really bang up business - it's a great idea for a sporting event. I loved seeing the King Taco lines about 30-40 people deep, and seeing about 5 people in the hot dog lines!

              2. The carne asada tacos at Casa Diaz (Hollywood just East of Vermont). Soo good!

                1. If we consider Senor Fish's battered fish tacos retired from the discussion and in the permanent Chowhound hall of fame...

                  I would cast a vote for the taco truck which parks (almost) nightly at Nishikawa auto service on Fair Oaks in Pasadena, a block north of California. Especially the carnitas, I think.

                  There's always a long line and it's an authentic mixed social scene, rare to experience in LA. You're likely to be rubbing one elbow with a Caltech prof. and the other with a day laborer. A great pleasure.

                  They have nothing but meat tacos and drinks.

                  Nightly except Monday? 7p-mid.

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                  1. re: Key Lime Guy

                    You know, I really like Senor Fish's fish (and scallop, and shrimp) tacos, but the one thing that keeps them from being extraordinary is the lousy store-bought tortillas they use. Every time I go there, I think to myself, this is really good, but home-made tortillas would take it to a whole other level.

                    1. re: David Kahn

                      I've done Senor Fish (the one in S. Pas.) three times and have never gotten it. The second two times I went back because I thought it had to be just me, but it's not. I've never had a good fish taco there. And it's a bare, ugly room next to a laundromat, and not particularly cheap.

                      The tacos were, at least, better than Wahoo's. And, believe it or not, not as good as Rubio's.

                      1. re: Justin

                        I realize this thread is about tacos, but since it's migrated to Senior Fish, let me give you two recommendations to try from there (So. Pas. location) before you give up on them:

                        - shrimp burrito
                        - carnitos burrito

                        I live in So. Pas, and once I was turned on to these two items, I've never looked back. (And although it is in the same little strip mall as a laundromat (although not next door, that's a coffee place), it is across the street from a Trader Joe's!)

                        1. re: Dave

                          I think (but am not 100% sure) that that Trader Joe's is the original.

                          I will give the burrito a try since I'm in the area often; thanks for the rec. (Might need to scope out the Nishikawa taco truck first!)

                    2. re: Key Lime Guy

                      I second that. The truck on Fair Oaks is excellent! I've been going for at least 10 years if not longer. Best to go early when everything is fresh. Some nights are better than others, but by comparison even their bad nights are better than most.

                      I swear by the Carne Asada with green sauce and the cilantro/onion combo on top. Try with lemon and radishes!

                      Senor Fish doesn't even come close. Fuggedaboudit!

                    3. Great!!!
                      what else can I say! I-ve gone back three times in two days.
                      Thank farmers market for places like this!

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                      1. re: Jay Sunman

                        LOTERIA GRILL AT FARMERS MARKET

                      2. I only had one of the $1 asada tacos at the Pines last Saturday morning. I had just finisned my bacon and eggs breakfast (Great!) and noticed they just started bringing in the fresh grilled asada from the roadside grill out front. The taco was very good and a must do if you are in the area. I am not sure if they grill asada on weekdays??? Keep this place in mind if you are heading north to Hwy. 395 from L.A. The breakfast burrito and chicken fried steak are also a must try.

                        The Pines Cafe
                        4343 Pearblossom Hwy
                        Palmdale, CA

                        If you want a ngreat deep fried fish or shrimp taco in SGV go to Tacos la Bufadora

                        Tacos la Bufadora (I think the shrimp tacos are the best in L.A.)
                        10990 Lower Azusa Rd (Just West of Santa Anita.)
                        El Monte, CA 91731
                        (626) 575-7174

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                        1. re: JeetJet

                          I dunno about La Bufadora -- the best shrimp tacos in LA are at El Taco Nazo :)

                          1. re: Das Ubergeek

                            10300 Rush St
                            South El Monte, CA, 91733
                            (626) 350-1197

                        2. The truck that parks every night by the Von's on Alvarado north of Sunset has never disappointed me. I particularly enjoy the suadero and lengua.

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                              I live across the street from that Von's and Echo Park locals affectionately refer to her as "Taco Lady". And it rarely dissappoints! The lines can be intense though. I'm a huge fan of the chorizo tacos and asada quesadillas.

                            2. I've tried alot of taco spots around LA, and thes best I've found is Chema's Tacos in Whittier. El Chato is a not too distant 2nd. (so far - I need to try Loteria)