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Jul 14, 2008 04:58 PM

Striphouse: food is fine, but is decor offputting?

I am hosting a business dinner for four individuals visiting from Asia in roughly three weeks; They requested to go to Peter Lugar, but unfortunately, I was unable to get a reservation there for said occasion. I am looking for an alternative.

I have read the boards, and "the best steak in NY question" has been endlessly debated here.
Good steaks obviously can be had in many places. My question is slightly different.

I am also interested in a nice setting/ambiance, and not overly loud noiselevel (I hate having to shout/strain to hear dinner conversation).

At this point, I have made a reservation at the Striphouse -- but I am concerned about the decor being offensive or uncomfortable for the female in our group It is giving me pause. Is it just me or would you not want to take a mixed group for a business dinner at a place with artsy photos of women in various states of undress ?

If this concern is valid, I can also get a reservation same nite at Wolfgangs and several other places named here. Please comment.

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  1. To your first question, I've eaten at strip house with female colleagues who were not put-off by the decor. Not sure what you're expecting but it's not like a strip club. While the decor tips its hat to pay homage to old-school bordellos, it's a very tasteful and welcoming restaurant. And on our last visit we were sat next to a table of four women who seemed to be having more fun than us.

    But more specifically, if you can get the reservation at Wolfgangs, I personally would recommend a business dinner there instead of Strip house. The reason is that Wolfgangs is the closest you'll get to Lugers on this side of the east river. Wolfgangs is old-school NY Steakhouse in every possible possible way. Whenever I'm entertaining out of town clients who are looking for a great NY Steakhouse, we always go to Wolfgangs.

    Either way, you'll have a great night. Enjoy!

    1. thanks for weighing in...

      I knew it wasn't like a strip club, just wanted to make sure decor was tasteful enough for a business group.

      Would you ever take clients to Striphouse? For instance, if you already had taken them previously to Wolfgangs? I just learned that part of this group has already been to Wolfgangs, I'd like to give a different dining experience with a steakhouse menu.

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        You can always try Wolfgangs Tribeca, it's a bit of a different scene but same great steak.

      2. I hope you stick with your Striphouse reservation. IMHO you have made the best choice relative to the alternate options you have mentioned and I really do not think the decor is offensive....neither does my wife.

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          I don't find the decor offensive either, and in the past Striphouse has been recommended as a more female-friendly steakhouse than some of the others.

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            I don't find the decor off-putting either. In fact, I think Striphouse has been recommended in the past as more female-friendly than some of the other steakhouses in town.

          2. Every time we've dined at Striphouse there have always been many tables of business dinners, it is far from being too noisy...enjoy!

            1. I'd say Striphouse is the way to go. I doubt anyone would be offended. Sparks is also a solid choice, but I'd go with Striphouse.