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Jul 14, 2008 04:53 PM

BBQ in Atlanta ?

As long as I have lived here I still can not find a good BBQ in Atlanta . I know that most of you know a good quality BBQ. I watch the Food Network all the time but they only talk about NC, TNN, and other states in the South…bummer

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  1. It is possible. Not as good as Memphis or Lockhart, but good BBQ does exist...

    My ranking:
    #1: Fox Brothers, when they are on, they are easily the best
    #2: Sam and Dave's BBQ #1 and #2
    #3: Pig N Chik

    In the mediocre camp, I'd put Rolling Bones, Harold's, Swallow at the Hollow (some swear by it), Daddy D'z.

    I wouldn't bother with Fatt Matt's, Old Brick Pit, Dusty's, etc...

    There are a few others out there that I've not been to.

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    1. re: biskuit

      Thanks guys ! I will try Fox Brothers and go from there, I live in Buford GA near the mall, is it far from there ?

      1. re: biskuit

        I agree with Sam and Dave's. Their beef ribs are amazing. I also recommend Swallow at the Hollow as someone suggested below. My experience there has always been good and I there have been no hit and miss moments like the experience of the post below.

      2. The AJC Accessatlanta site has an online vote-by-comment poll for best of Atlanta Q. Lots of opinions there. Hopefully the dimwits who selected Fat Matt's last year won't prevail.

        I pretty much echo what biskuit said. I'd just add that I think folks like Swallow at the Hollow for the full experience (good setting, good sides, music), even if they're meat can be hit or miss.

        I saw it noted on the AJC comments that Hodges on Candler Rd has reopened and that The Boss burned down and has relocated.

        And it might be worth a road trip to Jasper to try Bub-A-Que. Bubba's on the competition circuit and gets rave reviews from that crowd.

        1. I agree with Fox Bros definitely. Spiced Right can do some tasty ribs too! (I really like the Roswell location better)

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          1. re: Katj

            Please tell me where this Fox Bros is located, I live in Buford, is it far from there?

          2. I agree with my fellow hounders on Fox Brothers

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            1. re: snobofwine

              fox brothers .... or harolds (for the b stew and the sandwich). icksnay on fat matt's

            2. Having lived in eastern NC for a few years, this mid-Ga native knows why NC bbq is all they talk about! However, since a six hour drive for pork can be a bit much on a weekday....what places have you ruled out as "good"?

              I'll concede they don't have the out and out best meat in the world, but imho, you could go to Harold's and get a bowl of stew w/ crackin cornbread, and a cup of dirt out ot the parking lot with a side of slaw and it'd still beat most places.