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Jul 14, 2008 04:38 PM

Best Italian Restaurant


I will be in San Fran for one night, and I am looking for reccomendation for the best Italian restaurant, relatively close ( by taxi) to the St. Regis Hotel. I have scoured the boards but I would like a good concensus. I am looking for a nice italian restaurant money is no object.


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  1. Perbacco - a short walk from the St. Regis and authentic regional Italian food (Liguria and Piemonte primarily).

    230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

    1. What did you like last trip? With all the suggestions there was no feed back. No vegans this visit?

      1. Too vague a question to come up with a consensus. What style / region of Italian food?

        Perbacco is very good and far from there.

        Ducca, Luce, Palio d'Asti, and Zuppa are also not far, reports on all in the archive, use "search this board."

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          You might also look at this general discussion of best Italian in SF--the city's only seven miles square so no restaurant is all that long a cab ride:

        2. Based upon proximity, Perbacco is deffinitely your best bet.

          IF money is no object, you don't mind a little modern/French influence, and a 10-15 minute cab ride is ok, then Acquerello or Quince. Choose Acquerello for more old school / formal, and Quince for more modern.

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            Dined at Acquerello this past Saturday night (7/12). It was just as most of you "chowhounds" described. Meal was excellent; service was on par with the best restaurants in the nation. Don't miss the chef's tasting menu. A bit pricey but well worth it all in the long run. Thanks to all the chowhounds who keep this series of boards one of the most informative boards on the web.

          2. Two places really stand out in the city IMHO for good, solid regional Italian food- Perbacco, as recommended by many, and Farina, which seems to be a little bit more popular among Italians than among locals. Perbacco is closer by the St Regis, and you'll want to try braised meats and the agnolotti dal Plin, as well as their cured meats. At Farina, don't miss the pesto pasta and their focaccia di Recco. Amazing!