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Jul 14, 2008 04:33 PM

Burlington, VT area in November

Hi everyone. For my boyfriend's birthday, I booked two nights at the 1804 Potter House in Jericho, VT, in November. I know it's near Burlington. I love Burlington but have not been there in some time. I know he's going to love it (he's been before but a long time ago). I'd love to find out some of the Hounds' favorite dining destinations as I'd like to take him out for a fantastic dinner. It doesn't have to be pricey. I'm interested in places with great food, a cozy atmosphere, nice staff, and a good wine list. I'd even love to know any specialty dishes for each place. Just to give you an idea, we like places like Basta in Cranston, RI, Pinelli's in RI, Franklin Cafe in Boston, Union Bar & Lounge in Boston, Joshua's in Wells, ME. Pizzeria Regina--the original in the N. End, Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Are you sure you want to stay that far away from Burlington? Jericho is near Burlington in the same way that downtown Boston is near the I-90/I-495 interchange. It's a good solid 30 minute drive on a not-so-nice secondary road to get there. If you have a couple drinks in you, you might regret staying that far out.

    Places you might like in Burlington to eat:

    A Single Pebble (Chinese)
    American Flatbread Pizza

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      Trattoria Delia for a fancy romantic, rather expensive dinner

      Love them. :)

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        I wouldn't really recommend Smokejack's -- we found the food no more than adequate. Still, that's better than Pauline's, where last week we ate one of the worst meals I've had in a restaurant in a long, long time, kicked off by a plate of foccacia that had at least twice as much salt in it as it should have. So much so that the front-of-house guy, who was doing double duty as the bartender and the host, demanded soon after we got ours that they stop sending it out. It also included the very first French onion soup I have ever not only not finished but sent away after a couple of bites: again, no discernable flavor except salt, and about 3/4 cup of flavorless, stringy, greasy, melted cheese. The "16 dollar steak" was worth about half that, thanks in large part to a demi-glace that was once again nothing but salt.

        On the plus side, however, on two successive trips, we've had very nice breakfasts at Penny Cluse Cafe, near the corner of Cherry and Winooski just off the Church Street Mall. It can get crowded and noisy, but the food is both fresh and tasty. And this native southwesterner quite likes the dishes that include decent green chile and surprisingly tasty beans and tortillas.

        And on our way out of town Friday morning, we had a genuinely great diner breakfast at the Dutch Mill on Route 7. Mine included by some distance the best chicken fried steak I've had since moving to New England, as well as two perfectly-cooked over easy eggs, well-done (in both senses) home fries and two thick slices of toasted homemade bread.

        We didn't eat there, but we did stop at Leunig's for drinks one night, and I strongly recommend that. Terrific room, excellent old marble bar, entirely unpretentious bartender (from one conversation, I think she's the owner's daughter) who made a fine Negroni for me and French 75 for Allstonian. Plus there was a quite nice electric-piano-and-bass jazz duo in an unobtrusive corner, always a plus.

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          FYI, Smokejack's has been closed for over a year.

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            Re: The Dutch Mill. Is that the ramshackle looking place adjacent to the campground in Shelburne??? I never would have associated that with good CFS but will definitely put it on the list for the next trip. I wish I had seen this post sooner. What kind of gravy did they serve? was it on the steak or on the side?

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              Yes, that's the place. We were surprised at how good it was too! The gravy was your standard heavily peppered white gravy, as it should be. As I recall -- this was over a year ago now -- it was served on the steak, but I'm sure you could get it on the side if you asked.

        2. I would add in L'Amante... but if you're from Mass/RI area, you are swimming in good Italian so you might want to branch out to something different. I agree with signothetimes about everything but Leunig's, which I find mediocre and disappointing every time I go.

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            Good point, biggirlco.

            I should have said Leunig's for drinks and the atmosphere at the bar. I agree, the food is mediocre, and has been for a long long time.

          2. OK, here is my 2 cents:

            Burlington: Trattoria Delia, L'Amante, Taste
            South of Burlington (but no further from Jericho): The Kitchen Table Bistro (Richmond) and The Hen of the Wood (Waterbury)

            None are "cheap" or overly expensive but all are excellent in both food and service. The strongest wine lists are Trattoria Delia (all Italian) and The Kitchen Table Bistro (focuses on domestic bottles). If you are here during the week, the Hen of the Wood has a 6 course chef's tasting that will be as good as any restaurant anywhere and is under $100 w/ wine pairings.

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              Yo Tony,

              The Kitchen Table Bistro stops serving dinner at 8:30?

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                That's the latest they'll seat a reservation party, but obviously the kitchen stays open until those diners are finished.

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                  I've left there around 11:00 on more than one night.......................

              2. P.S. Don't waste your time with pizza in Vermont. It is like ordering pizza in North Carolina..........90% awful, 8% edible, 2% great.

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                  I would agree with you Tony about pizza in VT, but I wou;d say American Flatbread is in that 2% great.

                  BackBayGirl, if you are not famliar with them - They are focused on local organic ingredients, and not your traditional pizza - most of their "pizza" don't have tomato sauce. Some of the ingredients will make you wonder why it's on a pizza, but when it arrives, it always delicious. The original is in Waitsfield, I-89 Exit 9, and then Route 100 South. There is almost always a wait.

                  1. re: travelames

                    Seconded, about American Flatbread - great pizzas, great salads, great craft beers (always changing), great staff. One is right on City Hall Park in Burlington.

                2. The original comment has been removed