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Jul 14, 2008 04:29 PM

Calgary - vegetarian & Indian restaurants


I'm in Calgary for the week on business, traveling with an vegetarian co-worker from North India. Even though I'm from Edmonton (Go Oilers!), it's his first trip to Calgary, and I'd like to show off the city to him as much as possible. This includes dining opportunities.

I would love to hear your recommendations for good Indian restaurants in Calgary, good vegetarian restaurants, and other good restaurants with a wide selection of vegetarian dishes (I'm a dedicated carnivore, and I love me some Alberta beef). We're staying at the Blackfoot Inn, so if you could highlight restaurants that are close to that (if at all possible), that would be appreciated. I'm not bad at navigating through the city, but I'm also very talented at taking the road less travelled, and would prefer not to take him on a magical mystery tour.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions - I'll post a report on where we eat!


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  1. I feel the best Indian Vegetarian restaurant in the city is Southern Spice.

    Its drawback is it is not close to the blackfoot inn at all.

    Other restaurants that are good choices include: The Coup on 17th Ave SW, and Buddha's Veggie on MacLeod. Unfortunately, based on your choice of location, there are not many restaurants down there. One of the other members did mention an Indian Restaurant near Glenmore and Blackfoot, but I am not familiar with it.

    Good luck.

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      Buddha's Veggie isn't that far from Blackfoot Inn- 58th and Macleod.

      The Coup is an amazing pure veg resto - They're expanding into the former eyeglass place next door but work seems slow (though coming from Edmonton I'm sure you're used to that too). They do NOT take resos so I always try to show up pretty early. It's very popular.

      There are at least two veggie places in Chinatown, one is in the little food court at Centre St and 2nd Ave SW (a building with a tonne of good eats btw)- it's called Veggie... something. Not as good or with as huge a menu as Buddha's but steam-table fast and cheap for the portions. The other Veggie place is a Vietnamese one called White Oak II (WO1 was a dingy smoky banh mi place now long closed in the west end), which is inside the building that houses the superb Banh Mi Thi Thi west of the Harry Hays federal building.

      Many, many restos are veg friendly here. High end places love the challenge of veg and some serve vegetarians better on the menu than do others. Blink on Stephen Ave has at least two veg entrees, Cafe Koi on 1st St SW is operated by some Coup ex-pats and its menu is very veg focussed but not pure veg. And I might be overstating things but in my experience, every Indian resto is a veg friendly, and there is one right across the street from your hotel that has seen glowing reviews on here and from what I understand could use your business.