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Jul 14, 2008 04:24 PM

BEST restaurant in Portsmouth NH for this wknd


we went to Portsmouth for a long weekend last year and went to the Black Trumpet.
We felt the service was poor and the food was overated...

CAN anyone suggest a great place for this friday nite in Portsmouth?

I have been looking at the DOLPHIN STRIKER and the Wellington Room at Water's Edge..both sound good but I don't know if any hounds have been there...Please advise.

If I am on the wrong track, help me out.

BY THE WAY, we do NOT want LOBSTER as we will be meeting friends in Kittery on Sat nite at a terrific lobster lb....

HELP FAST so I can make reservations as there is a HUGE ART/CRAFT show in town ALL weekend...


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  1. Anneke Jans in Kittery Foreside

    1. Dolphin Striker is OK but traditional, nothing exciting on the menu. Green Monkey is very good.

      1. Pesce Blue is a very stylish, reliable choice with great local ingredients, sort of Italian by way of the New England seacoast. My family has a vacation house in Portsmouth, and even when we have a limited number of nights we always go to Pesce Blue for at least one. It's probably our favorite restaurant in town. Also, if you like bloody marys, the Oar House has our absolute favorite in the region, if not the world (and it's not a clammy one, nor an overly peppery one). The food there is pretty good, too, especially if you like haddock and a nice view of the water.
        By the way, which lobster pound are you visiting? Cape Neddick? In any case, it would be great if you could report back whatever you do!

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          we have friends who own a lobster lb and we went last year- I cannot remember the name, only that we had the BEST lobster in our lives there.
          After I go thie weekend, I will give u the name...All my husband has is directions to the place and they LIVE on top of the restaurant..if that helps at all...the deck goes out over the harbor and you can see the sunset...plastic chairs- no liquor license- bring your own booze..but GREAT food.

          Thanks for the Pesce Blue- I am going to make reservations now!!!
          Is there anything SPECIAL that you like there and if so, let me know!!


          1. re: Andy

            Well, Andy, we've been happy with all the food so far; my mother is especially crazy about the spaghetti alla vongole which comes with local clams, currently countneck. She orders that every time! In fact, my parents and I are going tomorrow night, so I'll let you know what we order.
            By the way, the lobster pound you are referring is Chauncey Creek. How lucky you are to be friends with the owners!

            1. re: Andy

              Hi Andy, we just returned from a great meal at Pesce Blue where we were also delightfully removed from all the hordes!
              Let me go over everything we ordered!
              To drink to begin: Bellini for me (delicious with white peach essence and fresh blackberry on the edge of the glass), a glass of Pinot Grigio for my mother, a glass of Gruener Veltliner for my father. Everyone was happy, though my mother says she also wants a Bellini next time.
              To eat to begin: 3 antipasti (for $13.50). Baby artichokes, heirloom tomatoes, and arancini. We enjoyed all of them, though the arancini got the most wows.
              Next to drink: a bottle of the Peter Zemmer Pinot Grigio from Alto Adige, a great choice for $34.
              Next to eat: one Caesar salad for the whole table. This is a great Caesar for those who like them with anchovies because it came with their amazing white anchovies. My mother, who rarely eats croutons, ate all of hers with relish. It's also notable for not being overbearingly dressed or cheesy (unlike its insanely wet and cheesy competition across the street at the sadly sub par Jumpin' Jays).
              Main courses: for my mother of course that wonderful spaghetti alla vongole (which is a clammy one rather than a heavy creamy one, also unlike the grease laden version across the street), for my father the linguine with shrimp (not local alas) and roasted sun gold cherry tomatoes (delicious, if not quite as remarkable as the vongole, the tomatoes were the real highlight of the dish) and for me the grilled yellowfin tuna which came with Saffron and Black Venus rice cake, roasted organic baby squash, herbed ricotta cheese, and Chanterelle mushroom cream sauce. I wasn't sure why the cheese was necessary, but the fish was outstanding and I enjoyed the complementary flavors (maybe a touch more salt than necessary somewhere?). My father especially loved my fish, so I gave him more of that and then I finished my mother's linguine.
              Overall we were quite happy and already planning to return next week. If there's anything else you want to know, please feel free to ask! I really hope you have a good experience there, too!

          2. If you want something special, I would suggest The Dunaway restaurant at Strawberry Banke.
            Dolphin Striker, Oar House etc. are fine, but quite traditional.

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              Is the chef the same one who was there last year? If so, I thought the food was terribly overcomplicated and suffering from a heavy hand on sweet ingredients. I posted about my very disappointing experience:

            2. We went to Pesce Blue last Saturday evening, and found the food and service wonderful. I think its the best in Portsmouth.......