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Jul 14, 2008 04:23 PM

Italian recommendations near Glendale/ Los Feliz

Hello. A few weeks ago... people were talking about an Italian restaurant near Glendale or Los that area that has excellent food and good steaks as well. Can anyone jar my memory and help me out? I am looking for a nice place for our 9th wedding anniversary next week. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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  1. Italian with steaks is not ringing a bell for me. If it's straight Italian you are looking for, Farfalla in Los Feliz or Il Capriccio on Vermont are probably the best in the area.

    Maybe you are thinking of Canele, on Glendale in Atwater Village? It used to be an Italian restaurant, and they still have one pasta dish on the menu in tribute to the old owners. They have a nice beef tenderloin entree on the menu.

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      i love farfalla. the truffle oil pasta is amazing.

    2. the italian with steaks is probably columbo's in eagle rock. it's ok, but not the kind of place i would go for an anniversary. the best italian in glendale is far niente and would be well suited for a romantic anniversary dinner. more expensive than columbo's.

      Colombo's Italian Steakhouse
      1833 Colorado Boulevard, Eagle Rock, CA 90041

      Far Niente Ristorante
      204 1/2 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

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        I agree - the restaurant is very likely Far Niente. Great place, excellent food and service. I don't recall what type of steak is regularly on the menu (pretty sure there is a steak entree) but they also offer a steak on special at times.

      2. Perhaps Little Dom's? can't actually speak to it since haven't been but another hound review. fwiw, varied opinions on yelp.

        Little Dom's
        2128 Hillhurst Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

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          1. Aroma on Sunset by Silverlake blvd is very good Italian and their steaks are very good too.

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              The Chowspouse and I don't do beef, but after going to Aroma again last Friday, we'll vouch again for the over-all pretty-close-to-wonderfulness of their food.

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