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Jul 14, 2008 04:09 PM

Dog Friendly Dining - Phx

So my cousin that is passing through town on her cross-country move now has her dog in tow. We have a huge dog that we take out a lot with us during the cooler months to places with outdoor patios. Being that it is now summer, she can't leave the dog in the car, but it is also too hot for the patio during the day. So, does anyone know of a restaurant that would allow a small dog inside? I see those women in Scottsdale in shopping malls, etc. with their little dogs. Since, I'm not really a part of the little dog phenomenon, I don't have a clue how they get away with it. I know this is a weird question, but does such a restaurant exist here?

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  1. Here are some suggestions from last reference to patio dining.

    I am not sure you can bring a pet inside a restaurant unless it is a certified 'Service' Dog... may want to check w/ the Board of Health.

    1. Technically it is against Maricopa County health code unless it's an assistance animal. (see regulation #9)

      1. Thanks for responding. I figured that it might be a health code issue too, but thought I would ask anyway.