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Jul 14, 2008 03:47 PM

Santa Barbara

I am taking my daughter to UCSB for freshman orientation. Any ideas for lunch and dinner? Stella Mare's sounds great. We love Italian food and seafood - no Chinese or Mexican. Would love ideas both in S.B. and also closer to school in Goleta or Isla Vista.

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  1. No trip to SB is complete without a stop at La Super Rica. There are plenty of chowhound reviews of this taco stand, so just do a search and you'll see all the praise heaped on the place.

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      UCSB is out in Goleta, so to drive all the way downtown for a taco is, well not too smart- even for a college freshman!

      So, keeping you close to the campus- there are alot of choices.

      Check out for Isla Vista recs- they have a special section devoted just to IV's offerings. The Faculty Club is a good choice- if they are open at the time.

      Goleta- Frog Bar and Grill at Glen Annie golf course, Hollister Brewing Company, Mika, Annas Bakery- all great lunch places.

      Dinner- what about the Beachside on the East side of the campus- on the beach, great seafood and views- ask anyone on campus how to get there- it is just south of the airport- and easy access back onto the 101.

      Have a great orientation! UCSB is a great place with great dining commons (I used to work there- sorry for the plug!)- great place to work- easy hours and free food- they make sure to honor vegetarians and vegans too.

      1. re: JalamaMama

        If I'm driving from LA to eat at La Super Rica, then surely the drive from Goleta can be justified... Of course, I add on a few other things to my visit to Santa Barbara, but mostly they're filler in between my meals at La Super Rica.

        1. re: glutton

          Well a fan is a fan for a reason!

          Have you ever tried El Sitio? They have 4 locations- in fact one by the campus in Goleta- but their Salinas street location has always been my favorite.

          My favorite, just behind La Superica is El Bajio at 124 N Milpas- the family run restaurant is fresh and clean and the food is delicious. The fish soup, the gorditas...OH MY MY. Altamiranos gets a good rec as well- an they are on Milpas too.....

          Tacos de Pasilla- is there anything better????

      2. re: glutton

        Although I too would drive a long way out of my way to go to La Super Rica, the OP specifically said not Mexican, so this is probabaly not for her!

      3. The Hungry Cat is Phenomenal seafood. For a more casual lunch, LaFond Bistro is very good. Both are in downtown Santa Barbara.

        1. The Goleta Beach right next to the campus at the end of the road that also goes to the airport (Ward Highway) has a good beach side restaurant. Isla Vista is full of smaller, fast foodie type places but this will be her world.

          The Barcara Hotel is deluxe up past the campus on Highway 101 and Winchester Canyon and has a number of pricey restaurants up at that end of town. Sorry, but my favorite in that part of town is Chinese- The Red Pepper, in Olde Town Goleta. The area around the campus is not one of the culinary meccas of this area.

          For funk, fun and history of the area take a trip up San Marcos Pass to the Cold Springs Tavern for a special homey place to give your last shot of parental advice and pay homage to the fire fighters who had to secure our lives one more hot summer in our surrounding hills. They could use the extra customers I am sure and it is a very special Santa Barbara excursion - we locals like it a lot and it is so tender to be out there among the trees and remind yourself what this country looked like a hundred years ago as a stage coach stop. Check out their website.

          Stella Mares is a wonderful choice.