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Rooftop or garden dining in DC?

Can anyone recommend some fun rooftop or garden dining spots in DC. Not Md or Va. this time. Don't want anything on the street or open to the street.

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  1. The Tabard Inn has a beautiful garden and good food. The Reef has some rooftop dining, I forget how good the food is, it has been a while. Lauriol Plaza has rooftop dining, people think it is crowded, and I don't think their mexican dishes are the best their, but they have some great cuban/ salvodorean dishes. I thought there was a place with a glass rooftop near 14th and U, but I forget what it is. I think I would choose Tabard.

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      Perry's in Adam's Morgan has rooftop dining. Sushi/Asian cuisine.

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        I am going to have to try out The Tabard - do you think outside dinning is still open in the fall?

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          The Tabard's patio was open as of this past Monday (Oct 6th) -- had a very nice lunch there. I suspect they keep it open as long as the weather permits.

      2. One of the most beautiful summer dining spots in DC is the outdoor courtyard at Tabard Inn. It's really beautiful, romantic, and relaxing. When you make your reservation make a special request to be seated outside.

        I hear Perry's has good food and a great roof top deck but I've actually only seen it from the street. But it looks nice with little lights etc. (Bonus: my coworker who is a vegan said he found plenty to eat there!)

        Also in Adams Morgan is the Reef (which can get very crowded on the weekends, I suggest going during the week) and Bourbon has a back deck area (not facing the street).

        Tabaq has a great rooftop dining area, although I personally like their drinks more then their food. Brunch is ok there.

        1. There is a lovely rooftop patio at Straits of Malaya, right near Lauriol Plaza. It is "on the street," but because of the height, it is not loud or busy-feeling. Tabaq's rooftop deck (U Street) offers great views but be warned that tables are extremely close together. The roof of Marvin (U at 14th) is great but I don't think food is served there - only drinks. The patio at Poste in Penn Quarter is stellar. If you want really casual food, the atmosphere at Cantina Marina on a sunny weekend afternoon is boisterous and fun.

          1. If you are planning a Friday night thing, you could go to the Pavilion Cafe in NGA's Sculpture Garden. Food is OK. Jazz is good. Setting is SUPERB.

            1. Tabaq around 14th and U has a spectacular glass encased rooftop with endless views of DC. mediterranean tapas, and spectacular drinks... of course i'm a simple "vodka and-" girl, so if you are info fancy cocktails, my opinion on the drinks won't matter to you! :) several very nice import beers as well- never had the wine. tapas are tip top- we've enjoyed every outing we've ever had here. the menu has expanded to include brunch- we will be back soon!


              1. Ardeo/Bardeo in Cleveland park opened up a rooftop space last summer. Haven't been up there yet but it sounds intriguing.
                The best rooftop in town is now sadly gone...Sky Terrace at the hotel washington. Can't believe they did that...

                1. The Fairmont Hotel at 24th and M has a beautiful and very tranquil courtyard. I had lunch there many times in the old days (under previous managements). The space is part of their "Juniper" restaurant which is apparently casual. I can't comment on the food, not having been in its current reincarnation, but it's worth a shot.

                  1. not sure what food you can order, and the service can be crap, but for glam:


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                      I am always surprised by the recommendations for POSTE.
                      Last year, I had a dinner there that was almost inedible.

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                        iron gate inn....across the street from tabard inn. GORGEOUS.

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                          nice patio but stay away from the food.

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                          I'm with you kabob...i don't like it either. i found it LOUD and chaotic, with the totally open room. The food was ok, but nothing to write home about, evidenced by the fact that i didn' t take a doggy bag (i always have leftovers and usually take them home). i just couldn't wait to leave...what a shame because the hotel itself is quite nice and unique.

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                            I rather agree with you CKabob, but for a patio in PQ, it's a stunning setting.

                            drinks there and scuttle to somewhere nearby for food.

                        3. What about the roof of the Hay Adams? Is that part of Off the Record? I've been curious and can't tell from a quick look at the H-A website, if anybody knows....

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                            wow, that'd be neat. hard to think it would be open to public, since it is so close to the white house....

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                              I thought I'd seen people up there, but maybe just for private events? I just did a search on this board, and somebody mentioned tipping the concierge to see if he'll let you see the view from the roof, so maybe that's what I was thinking of.... But on the hotel website there's a picture of a set table that really looks like it's outside and with a roof view.

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                                Hotel Washington (when it re-opens) is just as close - you can see the color of the Secret Service sniper's eyes (almost).

                                hopefully mgmt. will whack some sense into the staff or at least build into the fees a decent wage for the waitstaff so they aren't complete jerks anymore.

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                                  I heard rumors that the rooftop area will not be open-air but windowed in. I think that's where they need some sense whacked into them!! It would be a major loss to the city if they closed off that area. The old outdoor deck was one of the nicest views in the city.

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                                      Just read the July Washingtonian and there is a big "best of washington" section in there and a nice list of outdoor dining options. Some i hadn't thought of or didn't know about...check it out...

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                                        does anyone know the fate of the patio on hotel washington's top floor? i can't even find a site for the hotel on google.

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                                          The hotel is closed for renovation.

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                                            beano, do you know the (planned) fate of the patio? i love it being open, but am afraid they'll close it in. we had our wedding reception there.

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                                              I don't have any idea. I don't know if it is only the roof deck that is closed or the whole hotel. It certainly is a great location.

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                                                There was an article somewhere that said they planned to glass it in. I can't remember where I found that article, I don't know if it was wapo or something fiance sent to me on Google. Let's hope they change their mind, but plans were to glass it in.

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                                                  kt, yeah, i remember you saying that. i was hoping they would not do that, as well.

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                                  The roof of the Hay-Adams is open only for private events because of security measures.

                                3. We love the brunch at the Rooftop Terrace at the Kennedy Center.