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Jul 14, 2008 03:29 PM

Help Needed for 35th Wedding Anniversary (Monterey/Carmel and Napa/Sonoma)

My boyfriend, brother and I are taking my parents to Napa and Pebble Beach for their 35th wedding anniversary. We are looking for some restaurant recommendations in both the Carmel/Monterey area as well as Napa/Sonoma. I'm looking for an idea as to places both upscale and casual (can't afford $30+ entree's every night we are away). Cuisine can be pretty much anything. Given there will be 5 of us we can't really afford French Laundry (although i am thinking of spending the money so my folks can enjoy it themselves one evening). Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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  1. I LOVE Redd in Napa!! Absolutely elegant and exquisite!

    1. I note your previous posts from Canada. Unless your parents are real foodies they might feel uncomfortable with a $240 4 hour meal, even with the favorable exchange rate.

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      1. re: wolfe

        i've heard Redd is great. Thanks, I will make that a must do!
        i didn't really FL was 4 hrs, thats a tad long. Money isn't an issue given 35 years is a bit of a benchmark (at least in my books!)

        1. re: sydandsys

          35 years is a bit of a benchmark.
          Been there, done that. It's the uncomfortable factor.

        1. For Monterey and Carmel, see the California board.