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Burgers on The Edge

This is the hamburger place at the "new" shopping center on Kapahulu (Safeway). A friend and I went on Sunday. The ordering is a bit confused, and having people right in front of the counter to explain it didn't actually help a lot, just congested things. You can order one of their "standard" burgers, or you can mix and match things including a turkey burger and a wagu beef burger ($$$).

We each got a "classic burger" with minor variations, we split an order of sweet potato fries, and we each got a medium soda.

The burgers were good. Very good. Nice and thick. I forgot to ask, but I guess they were 1/3 pound burgers. Of course in Honolulu all burgers are required to be cooked medium or more, mine was just barely medium... which is how I happen to like them. The bun was a nice size for the burger, and not too thick. It was a little bit "dry and crumbly" (not stale), while it tasted good it tended to disintegrate if you didn't handle it carefully. The toppings were fresh (lettuce, tomato). I asked for jalapeno ketchup on mine, I really couldn't taste the jalapeno, and they didn't use a whole lot.

The sweet potato fries were fantastic. After having them I can't for the life of me figure out why the chains waste their time with seasoned fries, curly fries, etc. These were moist, flavorful and crispy all at the same time. Just what I need... another form of carbohydrates to be hooked on (yes, i know sweet potatoes are full of nutrients....).

The price was a bit scary, for the two burgers, one fries, and two drinks the total came out to just over $25. Thats pretty steep even compared to Kua Aina or Teddy's. I'm sure I'll go back, but not as often as I would like.

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  1. I was wondering about this place. My son and I first noticed it on Saturday when we drove by at lunchtime heading home from Rainbow Drive In. It looked crowded with a line coming out the door. We both said we should try it one day, but $25 for two does sound a bit steep. Like you said, we may have to settle for Teddy's or Kua Aina for now, which is not too bad a choice.

    1. Thanks for the report. I noticed this place the other day and was wondering how it was. I think I'll be heading over for some sweet potato fries.

      1. I haven't tried it yet, but recognized an ad for it last time I was at Formaggio -- who opened the new place (see here: http://www.formaggio808.com/fwbmenu1.htm


        And if that's any guide, I would expect their burgers to be excellent, since the Wagyu burger at Formaggio is perhaps the best I've ever had.

        1. Another place to watch out for is The Counter (right next to the new Whole Foods in Kahala Mall) which should be opening soon. The menu sounds pretty similar to Burgers on the Edge.
          It'll be interesting to see how the locals will embrace the gourmet burger choices.

          1. Just a comparison... this weekend I went to Kua Aina with a friend. For Two 1/3 lb burgers, an order of fries, and two large drinks it was just under $25, so I guess Burgers on the Edge is not as high as i thought. Maybe a dollar more per item, if that.

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              Ah for me, going to Kua Aina is a definite treat since I don't live in the islands any more. I don't even look at prices but just telling the girl behind the counter to give me "that one" with everything on. But I do know what you're saying about prices. $25 for two burgers and drinks is pretty steep comparing that to Burger King or McDonalds. Probably need to try this new place out the next time we're in town. Thanks for the report.

            2. Thanks for the report. Have not seen this, but have gotten a lot of comments on the Safeway. Sounds good, and, while burgers (in Paradise) are not something that I normally think of, the review makes me think I'll change my mind on the next trip.

              If it is of any consolation, I just paid US$19 for a burger at the Four Seasons, Carlsbad, CA, and it was nothing special - other than the price. Had to try it, and as we were staying on the property, and did not feel like getting the car out of valet and driving, were somewhat captive. Still, your's sounds better by far!


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                I wanted to try the "standard" burger, but if you are gonna be making such a special trip, i would imagine the wagu burger would be worth the extra $4. I may even break down and try it myself. Bad enough I'm hooked on the fries, if i get stuck on the $12 burger my budget is really gonna be shot, after all its only 3 blocks from home....sigh.

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                  Mahalo for that tip. Lately, I've had several Kobe and Waygu burgers, by some top chefs, that left me wondering. Still, a real "cheeseburger in Paradise," would not be bad.

                  Next O`ahu trip, we WILL give it a go.


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                    just avoid the "cheseburger in paradise" restaurants in waikiki..... outside of asia, probably the worst burgers I ever ate.

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                      Yes, I do agree. We did a similar named place on Ala Moana, and were underwhelmed. Have done Cheesburger in Paradise on Maui, and I thought that I'd soon die. Never, never again.


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                      I was there again with a friend yesterday. this time i tried the Waygu burger... it was good, but I'm not sure it's worth the additional $4 per burger.

                2. Thanks KM for discovering this place.... not perfect, but I think they serve an outstanding burger:

                  > Bread.... these people really understand a good proportion of bread to ingredients... the less surface area the better. I agree with KM, it tastes good but disintegrates... doesn't bother me though.

                  > I went with the Wagyu. It was relatively juicy & had good taste. Now, I fundamentally disagree with the thick burger paradigm (and the premium meats for that matter). Calorie for Calorie... 2 * 4oz patties of 30% Ground Chuck that is gentle grilled over plenty of smoke & well seasoned is FAR superior in flavor than the typical Thick Patty. This was among the better of thick burgers I've had... but I think they cook them at too high heat & which allows the outer edges to toughen prior to the center reaching Medium.

                  > I personally LOVE the concept... Choose your Meat, Choose your Sauce then Choose Four Toppings.

                  Not to toot my own horn... well actually that is what I do best... I HIGHLY recommend ordering the Eat Nopal special:

                  > Russian Dressing
                  > Bleu Cheese
                  > Mushrooms
                  > Bacon
                  > Crispy Onions
                  > Raw Jalapenos

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                    Have you guys tried the Kobe Beef burgers at Kiawe Grill on King Street? The place is a little hard to find, but well worth the trip. I'm not a burger fan (not even In & Out) and I thought the Kobe Beef burgers were really good here and I didn't even taint it with any added condiments, though they insisted on giving me mayonnaise on the side. They cost about $8.99 each. And they also offer other interesting burgers, such as buffalo and ostrich burger. Thick steak fries come separately for an additional $2-3 more. I forget now the cost. But I still dream about their burgers. My bf got the salmon burger, but he doesn't talk about food like I do, so I'm not sure how it tasted. And although I didn't ask, I presume the name means that they grill the burgers over an authentic Kiawe grill. It makes the burgers very smoky and flavorful. They also serve Korean-style plate lunches with a serve yourself style side dishes (with a sign that limits the amount you take). I haven't tried those yet, but the side dishes look tasty.

                    Just a forewarning, don't go there for service. I've heard it stinks! The service was fine when I went there, but I'm asian. Can't say they treat everyone the same. There's a newspaper article that also discusses the great burgers and poor service.

                    There are 2 locations, both on King Street.
                    2334 S. King Street.
                    1311 N. King Street.
                    I went to the 1311 N. King Street location.