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Jul 14, 2008 02:48 PM

NYC - best, not too expensive, most interesting

I'm visiting New York for a couple of days with my non-frum grandmother. She's picky, likes good food and not too expensive. We're visiting my aunt on UWS, but we don't have to eat up there. My aunt owns restaurants in Manhattan (non-kosher) so you can imagine why we might be a picky, foodie family. Any suggestions for dinner and breakfast/lunch spots would be great. We have Wednesday night, which ideally we'd eat closer to UWS, and then Thursday we're going to do stuff. I was thinking brunch at My Most Favorite?

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  1. Or lunch at Taam Tov, unless you really don't want meat.

    1. I guess what do you consider not too expensive - I have always enjoyed my meals at Mr. Broadway - also I would consider Le Marais or Abigaels 'no too expensive' particularly when comare to Prime Grill -

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        I would highly suggest against Mr. Broadway, especially for foodie relatives. Some might appreciate the fact that their menu consists of basically every type of American Jewish cuisine - deli, Israeli, Chinese, sushi, American - but it leaves the place with no specialty or feeling. It's also overpriced, and their deli sandwiches are not good anyway. Its ambiance is, I would say, slightly better than that of a deli.

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          Yes, Mr. Broadway is as rancid as its name.

      2. U Cafe on the Upper East Side is great for brunch and early dinner. My foodie, non-kosher relatives really liked it and they don't like any kosher restaurants. What about Levanas Pre Fixe on the West Side?

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          Le Marais is a good value, though it's not particularly interesting.

          Darna can be very good and isn't too expensive but it's inconsistent, especially with regards to service.

          As mentioned, Taam Tov lunch is fantastic, cheap and interesting.

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            Levanas is closed for renovation until around April time!

            If you want a good place I hear Turquoise on the UES is a good bet. The food is good even according to non-kosher standards.

          2. While Taam Tov is great food, it might not be the place for your grandmother since she is in the business. The place can get packed with sweaty, smelly people during the lunch hours. Trust me, for someone in the city, I love the place, but I would not take someone there expecting a full high class eating establishment.

            I would go with Le Marias

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              I would not touch my most favorite as a restaurant. The cakes are good if that is all you want, but everything else is expensive and not very good for what you get. Pass

            2. I would nominate Blossom Cafe or Clubhouse Cafe. Blossom is a really nice vegan restaurant. The original is in Chelsea and is pretty pricey. There is a Blossom Cafe on the UWS that is less pricey ( I have only been to the Cafe on the UWS, and it's a really nice sit down restaurant. I was with a large party and so we ordered a lot of different things to share, and everything was excellent. If your family members are foodies, they might appreciate the things some NYC restaurants do with vegan foods, and it's definitely an interesting type of cuisine. Just make sure you're okay with the hashgacha on the restaurant (see, as he's not one of the mainstream ones.

              Clubhouse Cafe ( is not as much of a bar/lounge as it might have strived to be, but it's a really nice dining experience and a nice place, and is not like most kosher dining experiences. The feeling of the place is very chic and not Jewy. Every dish I or fellow diners have ever tried is great, and the waiters are very helpful with explaining the dishes. It's more of a bar type of menu, with options such as sliders, chili, and salmon sandwiches. Just be warned that the amount of meat in the sandwiches is not huge, but they taste great, and you should have some of the appetizers anyway - the duck empanadas are great. (FYI, Clubhouse is owned by the same people that own Le Marais.


              Le Marais is also a good choice, if you all like steak. Their steak is great (my non-Jewish coworker goes there regularly because he loves it so much) and is not too expensive, as kosher steak goes. Wolf & Lamb is great as well. Their steak is good too, but you might want to try one of their excellent sandwiches instead.

              For breakfast, you might want to stop into Magnolia Bakery on the UWS. It is a well known bakery (though I think the downtown location is older and better known), mostly for its cupcakes, and the UWS location recently got hashgacha. Other NYC cupcake places that have hashgacha are Crumbs and Buttercup Bakeshop.

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                Good post, though I disagree about Wolf & Lamb, which I find to be average.