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Jul 14, 2008 02:10 PM


I went to Zoot on Sunday. My review:

I went there specifically to eat foie gras. When it came as an appetizer, it was burnt, not properly pan seared. I am usually timid about sending stuff back, but both my co-diner and I sent our foie gras back cuz it was 18$ for some burnt tasting foie gras so back it went.

The waitress brought out another plate and guess what? It was burnt again, and the tiny portion was even smaller than the first burnt one. It was a huge disappointment, but we decided to just eat it and not complain, the waitress asked if it was okay and I just lied and said yes.

I had a second course of rare beef salad, it was kind
of South East Asian inspired. Since both my co-diner and I eat Vietnamese food very often, the dish didn't seem very special. It wasn't bad, just not special for such a price. It also wasn't seared well, but at least the beef was tender.

My co-diner had some kind of beef filet as her main course. Once again, it was burnt. Not blackened Cajun style...just burnt, but beautifully rare in the middle. It was only seasoned with salt. Rather than being a properly cooked steak, it was like the kind of thing a person would do at home.

I had duck breast. (I know, foie gras AND duck breast, but I really like duck). It was tasty.

The service was good and the atmosphere was eclectic and peaceful.

But the food was extremely overpriced and mediocre considering what it was. It was about 60$ per person. We don't drink wine, so I can't comment on that.

I am on a foie gras hunt and next time I am trying Aquarelles. Their website menu looks good at least.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Occasionally I also do the rounds of Foie Gras.
      Aquarelle is special because it is served three different ways.
      Finn and Porter also serves Foie Gras three way, all different from Aquarelle.
      Make sure to include Jezebel on your list and introduce yourself to Parind the Chef.
      One of these days Trio may bring it back if us foodies keep asking for it.
      Driskill has a half priced Foie gras dish on their Bar menu.
      And the Wink bar menu has a discounted trio of mini-burgers with foie gras.
      Keep us posted!

      1. The foie gras portions at Jezebel are very generous. In fact, one night they brought out my order and apologized because it cooked up smaller than the chef had anticipated, so they seared more and brought it out to me. I've always had it perfectly cooked there.

        1. thanks so much for the tips.

          do you know where I can buy foie gras to try to cook it myself? I tried Central market with no luck and Specs says they carry it sporadically.

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            unfortunately there is nowhere in town you can purchase retail foie gras... thanks C.T.A.D.