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Jul 14, 2008 02:07 PM

Thumbs Up for Loteria Grill in Hollywood

My son and I had lunch at the new Loteria Grill, 6627 Hollywood Blvd., today. It's located in a big, open space between Geisha House and Lucky Devil's.

Light steams in from a skylight and there's a laid back, warehouse feel to the place. We both had a trio of tacos - the chicken mole, the carne and the papa conrajas (potato). All three were excellent and totally true to the versions served at the original location in Farmer's Market. The chips and salsa were also good.

I think this place is going to be a big hit. There 's a long bar in the back and you can easily imagine it becoming a boisterous scene in the evening. I'm anxious to try other dishes. As far as I'm concerned, another great addition to the food scene.

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  1. Can you advise on the parking situation? It's so nuts around that area that it throws me off. Thank you

    1. there is a parking lot on cherokee ave. just north of hollywood. they charge a flat fee of $8...but be warned sometimes in the evenings it fills up...damn geisha house

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      1. re: jennahef

        you can get free validation (info counter on Hollywood) at Hollywood/Highland complex (aka "The Crapopolis") = $2 parking.

        1. re: Maxmillion

          And if you're coming from the valley, you can take the red line, walk a couple of short blocks & not have to worry about parking at all!

          1. re: archer

            ^ good point! I've really got to start thinking along these lines.

      2. Yes indeed. Went for dinner, thumbs up. Only minusses are:

        Parking $8
        Margarita I had was $11--huh? The enchilada plate was 12....

        1. I've only been to the one in the Grove/Farmers' Market and I like their tacos. But the pork conchinita pibil was too dry and tough for me. I really like their beef, other pork, and chicken tacos. I am happy to hear that they have a restaurant and I'm sure they'll do well but the menu seems to be very close to the stand. If they had a unique expanded menu, I'd check it out but why bother when I can walk over to the Grove with no hassles and enjoy the same offerings.

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          1. re: Jolly

            Just curious where your favorite cochinita pibil place is. Loteria is my favorite of the places that I've tried. I found Yuca's overly salty. Still haven't tried Chichen Itza. I find Mexican stewed meats hard to find in this city. Most places that I frequent just do the lengua, asada, al pastor, etc.

            1. re: love2eat

              I don't have a place that I really like since it isn't a dish I eat that often. I prefer smoked ribs and rib tips and thought maybe the cochinita pibil would satisfy as a substitute for good southern smoked pork, but didn't.

              I agree with you that stewed meats are not that easy to come by and I like Loteria for other dishes.

              1. re: love2eat

                The BEST... Flor De Yucatan on Hoover and Washington. Take out only... but once you get home you'll know what REAL Cochinita Pibil (The one at loteria made me want to place a blood vendetta on the cooks at that place, even Pink Taco does a version that is 100000% better than what the stuff they turn out... :PP )

                Chichen Itza's however is still a thing of beauty and served in a much nicer setting.


                Also thanks to a Eat Nopal we uncovered a lady selling Cochinita out of her car on the weekend mornings at the Carwash on Centinela and Major St. up from Playa Vista. It's not the not the most refined... but the most that reminds me of my mom's since she uses EVERY bit (Ear and puts in marrow bones too... )


                1. re: Dommy

                  Thanks for the tip Dommy. I'll be trying Flor De Yucatan very soon.

                  1. re: Dommy

                    Thanks, good to hear that the conchinita pibil is usually better. I was surprised at how bad it was at Loteria. I'll check out Flor De Yucatan.

                    1. re: Jolly

                      I wasn't suprised knowing the background of the owner, he put it on the menu knowing it was exotic and trendy yet approachable rather than offering it becausee they have the skill in knowing how to cook it... All of his stuff falls into that vein... that is why it falls flat...


                    2. re: Dommy

                      Thanks for the rec, Dommy! :)

                      How's Flor de Yucatan's other items, like the Tamales and Panuchos?

                      1. re: exilekiss

                        They are wonderful... especially their Tamales Colados... fresh they are out of this world. I should note that they do make plates for you when you visit... but you will most likely to eating them standing up, they have a plastic folding table out back... but I wouldn't eat there unless very brave... Best to just take the Cochinita and Tamales at home...


                        1. re: Dommy

                          I went to Loteria Hollywood last night after an extended raod trip to Maine and Western New York, I was craving good Mexican. I was not disappointed, my wife and I both loved our food, the margaritas were also great. I frequent the Farmers Market stand and really like the sit down version in Hollywood. We were told that Jimmy the owner was in Mexico for a week cooking with Diana Kennedy and hopefully bringing back some new recipes to try at the Hollywood location. We plan on returning soon as our experience was excellent, we parked behind Musso Franks.