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Jul 14, 2008 02:00 PM

Ga-ga for Christopher Elbow-KC

What is your favorite CE chocolate delight? I can't decide, but I love Rosemary (caramel infused with rosemary) and Fleur de Sel (caramel infused with Gray French sea salt). Also, the peanut butter patties AND the turtles are so, so good. I especially love the Venezuelan spice on the turtles, there is a surprising little kick at the end. That man is a creative genius!

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  1. It's the Fleur de Sel for me.

    1. fleur de sel, fleur de sel, fleur de sel. his shop downtown is a treasure, you can watch the making-process, the bathroom is cool and Elbow is a nice guy.

      1. I like the Vietnamese Cinnamon the best, but they are all good! The only thing I haven't cared for was the hot cocoa- it was way too intense for me, which was shocking to me, being the dessert and chocolate queen that I am. I brought some of his chocolates as a gift to British Columbia when we got married, and Chris was extremely nice and helpful in packaging it up for me for the plane ride.

        1. Each one is so very good and so beautiful that it's hard to pick a favorite! I think the lime may be my choice. The drinking chocolate is good, but it's a completely different experience from traditional cocoas.

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            All the previously mentioned chocolates plus the Russian Tea and I am insane for the English Toffee.