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Jul 14, 2008 01:53 PM

First Post! Vegas Chowhound in PN. 2 weeks

Hey Hounds,

I'm excited to post for the first time. My wife and I are heading to Seattle and the surrounding wine country for a week, along with Portland and the Willamette Valley for a week. After much research, I have a few places but need some help with which spots would be better for lunch, causal dinner, and intimate dinner. This is our first time in WA. We want a real feel for Seattle and it's food/people. Thanks for all the great info! I'll be posting my recent dinner thoughts of Restaurant Charlie in the LV board soon! Let me know what you think.


Sel Gris
Le Pigeon
Park Kitchen
Alberta St. Oyster Bar and Grill
Salumi (lunch and crazy line...)
Apizza Scholls (get there early I saw in a post)
Simpatica (brunch on Sun.)


Matt's in the Market
How to Cook a Wolf (no resv. I read)
Sitka & Spruce

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  1. Just so there's no confusion, Salumi is located in Seattle . . .

    1. Make sure to go to Simpatica early or expect to wait, perhaps even 8:45 am.

      Also consider Ken's Artisan Pizza in addition to Apizza Scholls. Same wait though. Both are dinner only no res.

      Le Pigeon is kind of noisy. You may have to sit with others. Consider eating at the bar.

      Park Kitchen has many fans, but I find it to be style over substance.

      Thanks for doing the research before posting! And please give us a report.

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      1. re: Leonardo

        I'd skip Ken's. Perfectly good, but Apizza Scholls is sublime. Get on the list and then take a 30 minute walk through the neighborhood.

      2. Of your Portland places, the only ones open for lunch are ten 01 (M-Sat) and Park Kitchen (M-F) (and of course Salumi, as was previously pointed out, is open for lunch but in Seattle), so that should narrow down the list of lunch places quite a bit!

        More casual: Le P, Alberta St, Apizza Scholls.

        1. Sorry about the Salumi! Thanks Roo.

          1. In Portland, it'd be a shame to miss Pok Pok.

            In Seattle, I recommend you hit up at least one Viet restaurant. Green Leaf is my favorite at the moment. (A good choice for lunch, btw)

            And are you wine-only? Because there's a ton of great microbreweries that don't distribute past Oregon and Washington that you shouldn't miss while you're in the area - but maybe that's another thread.

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            1. re: terrier

              agree with Terrier on the microbreweries, stop at Issaquah Brewhouse for some of their gold-medal winning Menage a Frog (Belgian tripel style) or Imperial IPA on tap