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Sherman Oaks/ Encino Recs

I've been in the Valley a lot recently and need recs on good places to eat!! Anything on/ or around Ventura Blvd. (as far west as Balboa Blvd. and as far east as Woodman Ave would be the area I'm looking for).

I'm totally unfamiliar with the Valley -- so I've been sticking to chains like El Pollo Loco, Roman's for sandwiches, and Fatburger.... desperate for new/unique places to become obsessed with!

I'm open to all types of cuisine. Sit-down, and take-out. Upscale, and hole-in-the-wall.

What are your favorite places to grab a bite in the area?

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  1. Just for starters.

    Alcazar for Lebanese (it's three blocks west of Balboa, so slightly beyond your geographic area, but worth it).

    The Stand for hot dogs and burgers. (A half-block beyond your limit, but also good.)

    Chili My Soul. Very good chilis (they rotate between more than 30 types) and the nachos are truly decadent. However, the prices have jumped, so it is expensive for what you get.

    Sampa Grill. Brazillian Churascurria. Not as good meats as Fogo de Chao, but the meat is good and the salad bar is awesome -- for 1/2 the price. I loved the ceviche. Now, if only they could recreate Fogo's cheese bread, I would be in heaven. I've only been to dinner which has traditional service, but at lunch I believe you go up to a counter and they cut the meat off the skewer.

    Spumoni. Hole in the wall, family Italian. The gnocchis are good. The bolognese is the best I've ever had. Usually, if you have dinner there, they slip you a free piece of tiramisu.

    Hoagies and Wings. Good wings and fries. Not the best, but a good option if you want something spicy.

    North of Ventura, on Magnolia, just east of Kester is the best local taqueria, Pico Pico Rico. The tortillas are handmade and the carnitas is usually excellent. (The asada can be great, but sometimes it is fatty.) They also have great sopes and huaraches, including huarache con nopal.

    La Frite. There is a recent negative thread, but I find La Frite a very dependable, neighborhood bistro. The chopped steaks are quite good (I like the one covered in sauteed garlic) and the crab bisque is excellent.

    Leda's cupcakes. Just a little bakery, but the cupcakes are fantastic. Expensive, too. Don't miss the cookies, also.

    Thai 'n' I. It's outside your area, closer to White Oak, but they deliver. Get the BBQ ribs. They also have a very sweet crunchy mee krob that is like eating candy. It's my favorite mee krob. The pad thai is also very sweet, but not as much to my liking. You can get a combination of ribs with a choice of sides, including pad thai and mee krob for about $10.

    Sushi places abound. Katsuya-Encino, Iwata, Hirosuke, Sushi 4 on 6. I think Katsuya and Hirosuke do the non-traditiona rolls pretty well. (Hirosuke is cheaper, which is why it is a regular place for my family. It is slightly beyond your boundaries). 4 on 6 has a lot of proponents on this board, but I was not very impressed. I had the same reaction at Iwata. For traditional sushi, go to Tarzana to Sushi Iki. It's expensive and has a limited menu, but has some of the best fish in the valley.

    For a nice lunch (ala a place for ladies that lunch), Cafe Bizou, Cafe Cordiale, and Stanleys are decent options.

    As for Roman's, I'm very sorry. The only item I can stomach there is the shrimp pizza. I love the flatbread style of their pizza. I've disliked everything else there, especially the sandwiches and wraps, which always seem oversauced and soggy.

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      Thanks so much! I can't wait to try all your recs -- especially Thai 'n' I... I love mee krob!!

    2. For Italian I like Gio Cucina on the south side of Ventura Blvd just west of the LandRover dealer west of the 405.It's a s,mall place upstairs.

      1. For italian I like a Little place in Encino called Gio Cucina. It is upstairs in a little mini mall just west of the Land Rover dealer west of the 405. They always have great home made soups and the service is great.

        1. Just tried Pampa's, an Argentinian restaurant on Van Nuys near Chandler. Nice mixed grill for two for 27 bucks, plenty of food. Not gourmet but a nice variety of dishes including empanadas, pizza, pasta, chicken, fish and meats. Warm service and a great pitcher of Sangria for 18 bucks. Look at their website for their menu. Nice Mom and Pop kinda place. Clean. Easy street parking

          1. Oliva Italian for Italian on Van Nuys

            Boneyard Bistro

            Carnival on Woodman

            Jinky's for a decent omelette

            The Great Greek

            California Chicken Cafe - some good rotisserie chicken and butternut squash

            Simon's Cafe on Sepulveda

            The Dressing Room for a quick salad

            Chili my Soul and Salads Galore in the same strip mall at Balboa w/ Smart'n'Final

            Farm Boy - for some sushi, fruit, and fro yo.

            Zankou on Sepulveda


            Cafe Cordiale

            Gelson's salad bar

            Leaf Cuisine if you're up for raw

            ...to name a few.

            At Sisley, the chopped salad w/ eggplant and chicken, and grilled veggie appetizer

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              Good list.

              I'd add hummus bar and grill 18743 Ventura. They have awesome hummus and other middle eastern dishes.

            2. Go a little further east and try the Artisan Cheese Gallery (Laurel Canyon & Ventura).
              Good cheap sushi - Sushi Don Sasabune (Laurel Canyon & Magnolia).
              Koraku - Passable Japanese comfort food. Not the best, but not bad.

              There's actually quite a few great places if you go just a bit north of Ventura.

              Mom's BBQ on Hazeltine & Vanowen. (A little north of Ventura.)

              Several Thai places up on Sherman Way - Swan Thai & Krua Thai are probably best.
              (This area is actually a much larger Thai community than Thai Town in Hollywood.)

              Socorro's - Great handmade tortillas. Up on Victory just west of Van Nuys.

              Skaf's - Best kebabs - Laurel Canyon & Oxnard.

              Check out the Korean mall surrounding the Greenland Market up on Sherman Way & White Oak.

              1. Asanebo for Supreme Sashimi and Sushi

                Second Boneyard Bistro, Leda's, Simon's, Gelson's, Chili My Soul, Alcazar, Carnival, pico, pico rico


                Il Tiramisu

                Brats Brothers

                Studio yogurt or yogurt Zone


                Nata's Pasteries

                Midori AYCE Sushi

                Clay Oven Indian

                La Frite

                Gungadin Indian

                Bollywood Indian

                Amir's Falafel

                Menchie's Yogurt

                Belwood Bakery


                El katracho on Burbank for Honduran food.

                Kyushu ramen on Sherman Way

                Pho 99 on Sepulveda

                Hong Kong 88 on Sepulveda

                Zankou Chicken on Sepulveda

                Press Panini on Tujunga

                Aroma Bakery and Cafe on Ventura in Encino

                Aroma (different one) on Tujunga

                Caioti cafe on Tujunga

                1. Simon's cafe on Sepulveda just south of Ventura (next to the 405N/101 fwy on ramp). Chef Simon is the nicest guy.

                  1. Hooked On Fish is great, in Encino on Ventura in the Encino Town Center. Same place houses More than Waffles, great for brakfast.

                    1. Interestingly enough, no one mentions the two restaurants that I feel have the best food and ambiance for your upscale needs are Max and Mistral, in sherman oaks diagonally across the corner from each other at Dixie Canyon. Max is next door to Maria's and across from Le Petit Restaurant, a good enough chop house-style French bistro with good Moules Frites, etc.
                      www.maxrestaurant.com for details.

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                        Ooh! Good additions! Carter's got SO's number!

                      2. In addition to the many excellent suggestions, I would recommend Watercress for lunch. It's a small, casual cafe w/ excellent panini & salads. Food is all very fresh & carefully made. In Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd, 1 1/2 blocks east of Woodman on North side of st. (next to Coffee Roasters, same owner).