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Jul 14, 2008 01:50 PM

Baking Macarons - Egg Beaters whites?

Hello All -
I've just started trying my hand at baking my own Macarons. I've been eating these for ages, but they always seemed too complicated to make on my own... (or at least, expensive enough that they must be complicated!)

After one batch, it's clear that it's going to take a few batches before I really get them down, and then a bunch more before I'm tired of eating them!

Thing is, they're meringue based. So they take egg whites, but not yolks. And while I do a few things that call for only yolks, there's no way that my yolk consumption could keep up with my whites connsumption. So I could just throw out the yolks. But that seems wasteful.

But the ingredients for Egg Beaters- "ingredients: egg whites" - seems quite promising.

Have people baked with them? Made meringues? Macarons? If so, success? Any tips on how to use them/how not to use them?


EDIT: Turns out the product I was looking at was "Egg Beaters Whites" not the normal egg beaters.

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  1. I haven't used egg beaters but I can suggest that you look for other egg white products. In some larger stores, near the eggs you can find just whites in a container. You can also buy powdered, pasteurized egg whites, but you'll probably have to go online or to professional baking supply shop for that. My concern with the egg beaters would be the color additives and whatever else they have added to make it seem more like a whole egg.

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      you can find powdered egg whites along with the other baking ingredients at a lot of stores these days. i know WFM definitely carries the product, as do pretty much all health/natural food stores.

      while original eggbeaters contain colors & additives, the new eggbeaters "100% whites" product should be just fine...and there are other pure egg white products on the market such as "eggology" and "all whites."

      as long as it contains absolutely nothing besides egg whites, you're good to go.

      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I've edited my title above. I thought that I was looking at Egg Beaters; turns out I was looking at Egg Beaters Whites. I hadn't known that there was a difference.

        Sounds like they're worth a try.

    2. If you need to beat the egg whites to a soft peak (or any peak) before incorporating other ingredients, make sure that the "egg beaters whites" are not pasteurized egg whites. Pasteurized whites do not whip properly and would not form peaks. I recently used an egg-whites-in-a-carton product to make financiers, which turned out fine since no beating was required, and there was actually a warning on the carton stating that the pasteurized whites do not whip properly and are not recommended are using in angel food cakes, pancakes, or anything that requires incorporating air into egg whites.

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      1. re: purple gator

        hmmm... i'm guessing that they are pasteurized.
        oh well.
        thanks for the info, nice to know before actually buying them.

        1. re: Bob Loblaw

          Powdered pasteurized egg whites, such as the Just Whites brand, which is available at grocery stores, do whip up properly (based up on personal experience). I have not used them to make macarons, though.

      2. I just called the folks at Eggology and was assured that their whites do whip to stiff peaks.

        1. I just made some macarons using egg beaters egg whites. They worked just fine. I did however add cream of tartar and meringue powder.