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Jul 14, 2008 01:28 PM

Academia Di Vino - 63rd and Lex

Went there on Sat night wtih a group of friends. Really liked the food and atmopshere. Just wondering what other people think about the place.

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    1. I went when it first opened and enjoyed it a lot. Not sure why I haven't been back. Service was great, loved the pizzas, although I remember thinking the pasta entrees were quite small. Great wine selections. Glad to see this place may have broken the jinx of that location...

      1. ADV was one of my favorites on my last visit to NY. I really enjoyed their crudo and pizza (esp. the one with black truffle sauce). I thought the pasta and entree dishes weren't quite as solid. I would stick with the small plates and pizza next time.

        1. I absolutely love it...Was actually discussing it with friends last night and we're were also wondering why we havent been back! Atmosphere is great and the food is incredible...I even bought my father a gift certificate there for father's day!

          1. Yes, you're right - on 3rd avenue. They gave us a round table, which faciliated discussion, and the wines were excellent. The food was good and pretty reasonably priced. Boyfriend and I tried a few things and only paid $44 for the two of us.