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Jul 14, 2008 01:12 PM

"4-Star" restaurant with only a few weeks notice?

This is an open plea for help from a short-sighted 'hound.

Somehow I managed to overlook planning a celebratory dinner for my SO who's taking the Bar exam at the end of the month. Typically I'm planning out these types of dinners well in advance but it just didn't happen for this one.

I was hoping to somehow get in at Danko but that doesn't look like its going to work so I'm hoping some of you could suggest a similar restaurant (we don't really visit many restaurants in the price range--the latest was Jardiniere for our engagement dinner). We live in the city but if there are places up or down the coast (wine country included) that would be a good fit, I'm open to those as well.

Thanks for your help.

Concerned Mofo

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  1. Studying for and taking the Bar exam is an ordeal -- I like the idea of going away, even if it's just overnight. You might want to try the Farmhouse Inn -- nothing but raves about the restaurant, the rooms look divine, and they often have discounts for mid-week or short-notice stays (although the restaurant isn't open every day, so pick your day with that in mind).

    1. Did you have a specific date in mind? Cyrus has a 7:30pm for 2 on Sunday, July 27.

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        Looking at 8/1 or 8/2 if out of SF, we can do 8/3 if it's in SF (unfortunately I have to be at work Monday morning.)

        1. re: mofo313

          I would aim for Saturday night. Your SO will still be sleeping on Friday. Personally, my vote would be for COI. I find the food and decor to be very calming, which is good after the bar.

      2. Ruth--thanks for the tip (for some reason I can't reply to your post) but the Farmhouse Inn is booked. I should also mention that if we're heading out of the city, we'll probably need to find somewhere to stay nearby (had I thought of this awhile ago FI would've been perfect.)

        1. you might want to consider silks at the mandarin oriental hotel. try the tasting menu with the wine pairings. good food, good wine, good people, good times. spend the night at the hotel.

          quince is a wonderful alternative. apply the money you save against his college loans.

          either way, have a great time.

          1. In the opposite direction from Farmhouse Inn, you might consider Marinus at Bernardus in Carmel Valley. I haven't eaten at the restaurant in a while, though it still gets very good reports, (and I did eat at their lower end restaurant, Wickets, recently and thought it was excellent), but the rooms are absolutely lovely, and if your SO likes spas....When I ate at Marinus I thought it was also excellent, and the vegetable dishes were outstanding.

            If you choose Bernardus, check their website for last minute specials mid-week. Can reduce the price of the room in half....

            In the City, have you considered The Dining Room at the Ritz? It is usually possible to get in there with less notice than at Danko (and staying there would be lovely too, not to mention less stressful after the exam than driving up or down the coast). It has been a long time since I've eating at the Dining Room, but by most accounts food is better than the Danko too.

            Good luck!