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Jul 14, 2008 01:04 PM

Fish - Ft. Lauderdale

Was in FtL a few weeks ago, had a really great meal at Fish, next to convention center. Went back again later in the week - short story, the service and kitchen were alllll messesd up that night...... BUT the manager did the right thing, and comped my meal! I tried to pay for the portions I ate (drink and app) but was denied. I did not complain loudly or hard about the bad night, but they did the right thing. I have had way worse happen at restaurants and have nary a 'sorry' out of management, so to have the right thing be done - well, I wanted to share with my fellow chowhounds.

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  1. Four of us had a disastrous meal on a weeknight last summer, and they never did anything to correct any of the problems. Snitty servers without a clue about fine dining. We swore never to return!

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      My husband and I had dinner last Friday night. Our wahoo came out very fishy tasting. They immediately asked what they could replace it with (swordfish) and were very apologetic. The server was fantastic in taking care of our needs and brought us a couple of extra glasses of wine as well. We were very pleased. Swordfish is terrific there, by the way.

    2. Ate there last weekend. No problem with the service (it was about 50% empty on Saturday night). The menu looks absolutely amazing but the execution left a little to be desired.

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        I find that you have to stick to basic items there, like the grilled swordfish or shellfish, and the vegetable side dishes are good, especially the roasted corn off the cob. We stay away from their specialty items which I find to be oversauced, and sometimes oddly sauced.

      2. Did a business dinner there last year with about 25 people with a fixed menu. Appetizers werw mountains of seafood from the raw bar and scallops wellington. My choice for dinner was a stuffed, grilled lobster. Everything was great and service was wonderful.

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          We had bad meal and bad service as well. We won't be back.

        2. Fish is owned by the same guy who owns Jackson's Steakhouse (formerly Burt and Jack's @ the Port).

          I went to Fish when they first opened with a party of 8 and we all thought the food was average -- the service just bad at times. I drive by a lot and they never seem very busy anymore.