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Jul 14, 2008 12:48 PM

Sunday Burger @ Grace - never again.

I'm aware of recent mixed review of Grace, but figured that we maybe safe just going to for the burgers, but I was wrong. I really want to like this place: nice decor and vibe, service was warm but not overbearing, and the bread was good. Unfortunately the bread was also the best part of the meal.

We shared a Duroc Pork Belly as appetizer, and was not impressed: too salty, too sour and too fatty. If the pork was served with a heap of rice, beans or tortilla, that maybe ok or even quite good, but as an appetizer, it just failed miserably.

I had the cheese burger (blue cheese) as I adored FO's burger, and my husband got the truffle burger with Guyere, and things just got worse...

First, bad execution. Fries were soggy, definitely not Anisette, and after 2 bites, I think I rather have Burger King's fries. Burger buns were burnt around the edge, and yes, nothing besides burnt flavor was added to the burgers.

Second, pedestrian ingredients. Tomato slices were tasteless. I know it's not tomato season, but I am not expecting regular supermarket variety in a $20 burger. Ketchup and mayo for fries could be just out of a Heinz or Masterfood jar.

Third, dishes were not well though out. I love gourmet burgers with careflly selected ingredients and perfect executed, but I also had real simple but great burger that is no more than a satisfying juicy meat patty, hot off the grill and slapped between two buns. My burger did not beong to neither catagory: blue cheese was overpowering, and the meat did not have the to-die-for hot juicy mouthfeel.

I really want to try the donuts, but I didn't want to be let down again and left. Anyone has similar experience?

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  1. Recently, about a month ago, I had the wild boar and thought it was a brilliant dish. And a really nice glass of red wine with some age on it. That's all I've ever had there and was extremely impressed. So, just thought I'd post this as reason to not chuck out Grace. Too bad about the burgers.

    1. The original comment has been removed