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Jul 14, 2008 12:47 PM

what happened to cavaillon???

so we went to cavaillon on sunday for breakfast. we have been there many times since i live in camino del sur. never had any issues, always good, if not great food.

we go about once every 4 weeks and order the same thing , the spinach bacon poached egg breakfast, the beighnets, and some coffee.

i noticed that the little french guy is no longer there, but that is no biggie since his service was average at best.

so, we both order our meals, the spinach benedict, and to start with our bacon tasted so bad it left an aftertaste that would nto go away. i think that the bacon had been sitting in grease or something but even the waiter said it was nasty. that was his word too... nasty.
i RARELY say anything but it was terrible so i asked if they had any other bacon or some sausage,. they didnt so he offered to get us something else, whihc we didnt want, so he gavue us the beighnets for free. i said thanks and proceeded to start on my benedict, as did my fiance.

we cut into our eggs, adn the eggs were hard boiled,... they were not runny in the middle like eggs benedicts usually are. both of our plates were cooked the exact same. it almost looked like the eggs had been precooked? i couldnt believe how bad it was considering we always have really good food here.

my finance asked if they had a new chef, and our answer was no, they did not. we realized maybe he was having a bad day, whatever. that stuff happens.

she ate 1 bite of her meal, and i ate my potatoes and two bites of my bene.

so to make up for our meal experience, they comped everything but the coffee. they did not offer us a new meal though or to come back again on them? that suprised me. i kind of thought the chef would come out and say somethign too but he didnt.

my question is, did i misunderstand the situation? did i react correctly? should something more have been done? we told them nicely, that our food was bad and the waiter was cool. i just thought they should have done more.

we dont get to go out to brunch, dinner, etc very often (we have a 1yo) and when we do we expect a little bit more. I was seriously disappointed.

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  1. That is too bad, but what else could they have done for you, they comped all but the coffee. If I was them, I would have included the coffee as well.

    1. hmm, we were there this Sunday as well. We didn't have any major problems with food (2 people had eggs benedict and all the yolks were runny), but I did notice some minor differences compared to before, which I chalked up to normal, acceptable variations and chef trying to be creative....

      My french toast was less souffle like and not as caramelized as before, which is what I loved about it.

      The shallots in the potatoes were not as deeply caramelized or sweet as in the past and the potatoes didn't have the nice sheen of a rich glaze from the shallots. The potatoes were also more "herby" than before which was ok--neither good or bad. I just figured the chef was experimenting around.

      Beignets seemed "denser" than in the past, although we let them sit around for a few minutes before digging in. The strawberry jam didn't appear house-made and I wondered if it was from a jar.

      It actually crossed my mind that maybe they had someone else in the kitchen but then I saw Verpiand poke his head out onto the patio.

      I hope they aren't suffering from rising costs and trying to make things work on a smaller budget with all the rising gas prices and less discretionary $$ around.

      I'm crossing my fingers that Sunday was just an "off" day.

      1. all I can say is that I had a great dinner tonight and it was a packed house on Bastille Day, at least for the first serving...

        1. one last thought: traditionally, in u.s. the head chef's days off (if he takes any) are sunday and monday.

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            Verpiand was DEFINITELY in the kitchen this past Sunday (I saw him) and he has been there every other Sunday that we've been there for breakfast, brunch, Sunday lunch (whatever you want to call it). I am hoping it was just an "off" day for him, like all of us suffer from time to time at our respective jobs.

          2. The original comment has been removed