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Jul 14, 2008 12:42 PM

Reccs for Vancouver/Kitsilano?

Hi Vancouver Hounds,

Would love your help. We're coming up from Seattle for our annual pilgrimage to the Vancouver Folk Festival July 18-20 (a true gem of a music festival!) and are building on an extra day to spend some time in your fine city. We've learned that while we love the daytime programming at the fest, we usually skip the evening concerts and have a good dinner instead. We'll be staying at UBC and do have a car, although we'd prefer not to to go too far afield. We'll be fairly casually dressed and have special dietary needs: I'm gluten-free and he's vegetarian. We're open to almost anything, especially interested in greek, middle eastern, indian (we love those and all are in shorter supply here in Seattle.) Also anything really good and local... We'll be looking for a couple dinner spots as well as a breakfast or lunch idea for Monday too. Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Check out Dharma Kitchen on Broadway near Alma -- vegan and I'm betting they could deal with the gluten-free requirment too.

    Dharma Kitchen
    3667W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V6R2B8, CA

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      Dharma Kitchen is definitely the place you want - pretty close to walk from the Folk Fest site. I'm 98% sure they are gluten free.
      Check out Aphrodite's on the corner of Dunbar and 4th Ave for a swell breakfast, I'm not sure about gluten free though.

      Aphrodite's Cafe
      3598 4th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6R1N8, CA

    2. Perhaps Saravanaa Bhavan (vegetarian South Indian). I'm sure they can steer you to gluten-free dishes.

      For lunch and breakfast - Granville Island. If your SO is pesce-vege - there are many sushi places in the area.

      Saravanaa Bhavan
      955W Broadway W, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1K3, CA

      1. An unsung vegetarian hero in Kits is Sejuiced at 1958 - 4th Ave West. I've always enjoyed the food and they have a well set-up juice bar. Not open after 6 pm though.

        1. For Middle Eastern I would suggest East is East or their next door salad bar Silk and Spice(all their dressings are vegan) and are more of a quick bite to eat or you can get to take out. Upstairs at night they have their restaurant Chai that has a buffet and belly dancing. I've had items like saag paneer, peas and paneer, a turkish eggplant, this really good kaffir mango tofu curry, Afghan braised lamb and other dishes. Near UBC is 10th ave where there is Burgoo (the comfort food restaurant) that does soups and sandwiches, salads etc. They also have do brunch on the weekends though I've never been. Saw them setting up for folk fest down at Jericho Beach today, have fun!

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            Another thought for middle eastern might be Kayan. It's in the old Tojo's space at 777 West Broadway so a bit further east (10 min drive?). Lots of veg friendly fare and I think the gluten-free would work. The owners are super nice and very accommodating so a quick call about this would be salutary if you are interested. If you go for dinner, try two to three apps tapas style as your meal -- very tasty, filling and super reasonable.

            ETA they have a super patio that overlooks False Creek/downtown from the third floor -- perfect on a balmy summer afternoon/evening.

            1. re: grayelf

              Thanks everyone--really appreciate your ideas. We're heading north this afternoon. And prairie dog, we stumbled upoin Sejuiced last year and loved it--thanks much for reminding me where it is..I couldn't quite remember the name!

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                Another idea if you're wandering near Broadway and MacDonald -- the Land of Green Ginger (2967 West Broadway, 604-737-1588). It's a small vegan cafe. Might be useful as another spot for a quick bite...