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Jul 14, 2008 12:20 PM

Farmers' Mkts, CSAs & Farm stands- July 14th

As of this week's newsletter the Mass. Farmers' Market Federation site is still having problems so the safe place to look for local farm goods is here.

These threads have been great with the latest information flying back and forth. Thanks to all the contributors.

On Friday I went to Copley to pick up a few items and it was buzzing.

I bought bread from Iggy's, Blueberries, gooseberries, cherries from Hamiltion, Blueberry scones from Hardwich, broccoli and greens from Sienna, Heirloom tomatoes and cukes from Atlas.

We were still in our two weeks of dining out - vacation so we just needed a bit of stuff for snacks.

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  1. Central Square had a bunch of great produce today:
    all sorts of lettuces, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, apricots, squash, cucumbers, pumpkin blossoms, eggplant, chards, asian greens, garlic scapes, peas, corn and herbs.

    The meat stand has pork, beef and eggs and the two bakery stands are both there.

    I'm excited we're in full produce mode!

    1. Oh, and I forgot the star of dinner that night. Since I had a heritage tomato I went over to Siena and bought a piece of Fiore di Nonno mozzarella. We have now launched summer!

      Photo here:

      1. In case anyone's at the Copley market today, you might get lucky and have an added bonus of John Mellencamp announcing that Farm Aid's going to be held in Boston this year...perfect place for the announcement - at a farmer's market!

        1. Waltham farms tuesday - 3/4 lb tomatos, 2 small heads lettuce, 1 small bunch carrots, 1 bunch onions, 1 pt green/yellow beans (PYO), 2 cukes, 2lb zucchini

          1. Starting today, Boston University is hosting a farmer's market every Wednesday from 12-3 PM outside the Student Union. I walked up to check it out. It is small--I think only one farm was there. The vegetables are "local and sustainable," but it's not noted as to specifically where they were grown, or whether they are organic. That information would be useful. I picked up a huge bunch of basil for $2.50, a zucchini for $1, and a box of green beans for $2. Enough to get me through until my regular shop at Copley's market on Friday. The market seemed to be doing a brisk business from the University staff and students. There were cookies and macaroons for sale, and they seemed to be the most popular items, at least when I was there.