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Jul 14, 2008 12:10 PM

Where to buy good lump crab meat in Royal Oak MI area

I'm visiting friends in the Royal Oak MI area in a few weeks. I currently live in Toronto where its downright difficult to find lump crab meat.

Can anyone give some suggestions where to find good quality lump crab meat in the Royal Oak area?


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  1. I would expect that Holiday Market on Main Street would be a good option (never having bought it myself) and there is a seafood market on 11 mile rd, just east of Main (can't remember the name right now). Good luck.

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    1. re: Ludlows23

      I think it's called Superior Fish. You could probably head up Woodward a few miles and go to Papa Joe's.

      1. re: grouper

        it is superior fish.

        papa joe's may have what you need. i looked a nino salvaggio for some two weeks ago and struck out. i have also had some success with good crab meat at costco in madison hts.

        1. re: xman887

          Costco only carries pasteurized imported blue swimming crab by Phillips. This is not the same sub-species of crab as blue crab even though it has been very slickly marketed as blue Swimming Crab.
          Sadly Papa joes has the same product at 2x the price. I have never seen fresh blue crab at any of the Papa Joes stores. Since superior fish does not carry fresh blue crab and is the primary wholesale seafood purveyor in this area it is exceedingly unlikly you will find it. Nino's never carries blue crab only the canned pasteurized crud as well. If you want real blue crab and fresh then consider ordering on line.
          If the OP would be happy with the 1# pasteurized imported stuff then Costco is the hands down winner for consistant availability and price.

          1. re: Docsknotinn

            TJ's has crab meat, I believe it's the Phillips stuff, in less massive quantities.

            1. re: coney with everything

              Phillips only packs in 1# cans or more accuratly now they are plastic. That's the imported pasteurized product. No doubt the OP can easilly find that in Toronto especially at the Costco there.

    2. Here's jumbo lump crabmeat from Crisfield, MD, on the Chesapeake Bay. You'll have to pay a shipping charge, but I'm sure it'll be better than anything you can get in Royal Oak.