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Jul 14, 2008 12:07 PM

Girls Night Out on Thurs...

A friend and I are are having a girl's night out on Thurs., and we are racking our brains trying to decide where to have dinner.

She lives in Central Sq., and I live in the Back Bay. We would like a place that is convenient to get to for both of us.... so along the # 1, Mass. Ave., Bus route would be perfect.

Ideally, we're looking for something that meets the following 'requirements':

- Isn't notorious for being packed on Thirsty Thursdays
- Yummy, healthy food, if possible (great salad options would be wonderful!)
- Entrees under $20
- Has a bar where we could hang out before or after dinner


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  1. Quickly off the top of my head...
    ---Brasserie Jo

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    1. re: mrsx

      nothing at clio is under $20. apps and drinks at central kitchen would get my vote.

    2. Cuchi Cuchi, Green Street, Garden at the Cellar, the Monday Club at Upstairs on the Square, West Side Lounge.

      1. I second Cuchi Cuchi & Green Street (though they're not very salad-centric, esp Cuchi Cuchi), but they have great drinks and fun atmosphere. Garden at the Cellar has a few salads and is delicious; the bar isn't my favorite. The bartenders are often surly and they don't have any special cocktails.
        Central Kitchen is a good place to go with girlfriends, and they will have a couple of salads, and the bar is great fun.

        Zuzu in Central is also fun; if you stay long enough, there will be a DJ or some music, but if you get there at dinnertime, you'll have a seat already. The food is good, some of it very good.
        Middlesex is maybe an idea, depending on your style. The food is just slightly creative bar food ("ten tiny tacos" kind of thing), but it is sometimes really fun.

        1. Love Cuchi Cuchi! Went there for the dinner part of my friend's bachelorette party. Great tapas menu that is fun to order a lot from and then share. Has a bar as well that doesn't get too crowded (at least when we were there).

          1. How about the Plough and Stars? Great menu, in your price range, fun bar, nice locals, good music...I've always had fun there!