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Jul 14, 2008 12:04 PM

All Star Game Watching

My friends and I want to know if any restaurants or bars are having specials for the All-Star Game tomorrow night? Ideally, I would love to watch the game on a big screen in an outdoor beer garden but I am not sure that any of the beer gardens are doing that?

So the question is this: Where should I go to watch the All-star game, Drink some beers, and generally have a good time?

Thanks for your help.


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  1. Although not someplace I generally recommend, the ESPN zone in Times Square is a really great place to watch an event like the All-Star game. I went last year to watch it and it was a lot of fun. It's nice that you're not really necessarily rooting for anyone, so everyone is just enjoying the game.

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      I agree...the sliders are delish too!
      It's spacious there...may actually be your best bet.

      1. re: offthebeatenpath1

        Thanks for the suggestion.

        While I definitly agree that ESPN Zone could be fun, its going to probably be very hard to score a table for the game, anything a little more under the radar/ less touristy?

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          If you live in NYC, I think it's a rule that you're not allowed to go to the ESPN Zone. Try Blondie's. There's two of them, one on the upper east and one on the upper west. To watch outdoors, although I'm really not a fan of the area, in Midtown east, there's a bar called Sutton Place. They have a roof deck with like 3 flat screen TVs.

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            Sutton Place is a great suggestion. ESPN Zone has it's place for certain things. I don't hang out there on a regular basis, but the All Star Game is a blending of teams and people, which is parallel to the crowd of the ESPN Zone.

      2. If you're looking for a huge sportsbar then try Tonic on 27th & 3rd - It's a great alternative to ESPN Zone. For something more casual and laid back - the Hairy Monk around the corner is a great place to watch any game.

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          I find it amusing that a post about a sporting event has led to my first post on chowhound...

          I don't know their specific All Star game plans, but Croxley Ales on Avenue B and 3rd street has an outdoor area with a projection screen and I can't imagine they won't be showing the all star game tonight.

          They also have a solid beer selection (about 20 or so on tap and 30 or so in bottles...nothing crazy interesting, but your normal beer bar selection of Belgians and a local craft brew or two (read: sixpoint)). Food isn't their strong suit, but I appreciate their shepards pie.