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Jul 14, 2008 11:57 AM

Good Grocery Stores in Niles

I just moved to the Niles area from Boston and am having trouble finding a good grocery store. I've shopped at Jewel and Dominicks but find them overpriced and their produce quality very lacking. Are there any good grocery/produce stores in the Niles area that have good prices??


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  1. Have you been to Assi or Super H Mart (Korean/Japanese megamarts)? They have vast produce sections and the quality is good. They also carry a staggering volume of Asian products, fish and meat as well as standard groceries. Certainly worth a visit even if they don't end up as your standard groceries.

    Depending on where you are in Niles there are also several Trader Joe's around.

    1. I second the recommendation for Super H Mart. Its produce and fish/seafood selection is the best in the area it is off of Waukegan Road. There is also a Costco in Niles off of Touhy Ave.

      Also, there is a Whole Foods in Edgebrook/Chicago that is not far from Niles. There is also a Trader Joe's in Park Ridge off of Touhy. I am on the NW side of the City (very close to the Niles border) and I rotate btw Dominicks for staples, Super H mart for seafood, Costco for parties and larger pcs of meat and Trader Joes for dairy, cheese, wine and quick frozen entrees for the family.

      1. There are tons of great grocery stores in Niles. In fact I often drive from downtown Chicago to Niles to shop.

        H-Mart is a good place to start. I'm also a huge fan of Jerry's around 7900 N Milwaukee.

        There is a full list of Niles grocers here:

        Good Luck.

        1. On the corner of Cumberland and Lawrence is the Fruit and Vegetable Market, excelent produce, deli, meats, and ethnic. try it. also the Butera at Cumberland and Montrose, further south is a nice little grocery. look for any Caputos, the closest one is probably in Elmwood park on Harlem. Jerrys at Milwaukee and Touhey is good, but I hate how crowded it is.

          1. Went to SuperHmart this past weekend and customers were buying kimchee almost as fast as they could make it. I, too, love that place. Selection, quality, and price are always superb.Thrown in the whole experience and you've got a true destination location.

            Ah, the panchan bar is excellent. The seaweed, whitting roe, squid in pepperpaste, and marinated potatoes were excellent.