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Jul 14, 2008 11:32 AM

Quick, dirty and silly in Portland

Too many pretty lunches/dinners as of late. Will be in Portland this week and want counter food, something silly or something quick-and-dirty - all meals apply. Preferably in the SW Washington/Broadway, Pearl or Hawthorne areas. Slice of pie - of the tomato sauced or dessert variety, Mexican/Latin flavors, or pretty much anything good is of interest - but no more bbq. I've read through past posts and have pulled out Voodoo Donuts, Pix Patisserie and Pearl Bakery as potentials. Good ideas? There doesn't seem to be much consensus on pizza - anything really saucy and oozy out there? Thanks!

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  1. Nearish SW Wash/Bwy - I haven't been here but I've wanted to try it:

    Also check out the food carts:

    1. Get thee to the carts!
      Give Pizza a Chance on SW Stark between 4-5th.
      Sugar Cube on 9th between Alder & Washington SW.
      India Chaat House SW Yamhill & 11th.
      Dove Vivi for pizza slice, NE 28th & Glisan (not a cart).
      For sandwich try Pearl Bakery or Grand Central Bakery on Hawthorne.

      1. I dont think you can get quicker, dirtier, and sillier in Portland that the Roxy, 1121 SW Stark. Unfortunately, I cant find a link to a menu anywhere. I think it's open 24 hours from Tuesday through Sunday. Definitely not pretty, and not a place to take your mom.

        And the food carts can be wonderful.

        1. Thanks for all the tips! I needed a late lunch off the plane and Blue Plate was perfect. Burger, mashed potatoes and a Hawaiian soda. I only regret not getting back for a milkshake. Loved the carts - I need to go back for an All-Cart eating tour. Tried Sugar Cube for an Oh My Goodness, Oh My Guinness cupcake. Last one! I love it when I'm lucky. Voodoo was fun, but couldn't bring myself to get the bacon topper. Not saying it's wrong, just couldn't do it.

          1. There's a biscuit hole in the wall on belmont just west of 39th I can't remember the name so if anyone knows chime it. Its counter order and some great biscuits and gravy stuff.

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              Pine State Biscuits. Fantastic.
              On Belmont at about 37th.
              Also they have a booth at the Portland Farmers' Mkt Sat. AM at PSU.