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Jul 14, 2008 11:16 AM

Linda Rosa Market (Pasadena) - I think I'm in love

I finally made it to Linda Rosa Market for some meat to throw on the grill this weekend. I bought unmarinated asada, queso fresco, and some avocados.

I was FLOORED by the quality of the meat. It was incredibly tender and absolutely delicious - and it was only $4.99/lb!! It was one of those blissful moments where you give thanks for being a meat-eater! The queso fresco was good - not the best I've had - but certainly passable. The avocados were fantastic quality - very creamy - I was thrilled!

Thanks to all who have posted and made me aware of this little gem. I've lived in the area for years, but have easily passed it up (it's behind the store fronts on the northeast corner of Allen/Villa). The store owners are friendly and helpful, as was the man behind the meat counter. They are open 8am-8pm daily. I'm looking forward to supporting this mom & pop business!

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  1. The chicken is good, too. I like this market. We haven't done carne asada yet this summer, but this is a good reminder to get it again soon.

    1. I'm a huge booster of Linda Rosa. I love their asada, but I actually prefer their boneless marinated chicken the best. Everyone I serve it to says it's like eating candy.

      1. agreed...i've lived in the area for over 22 years...ownership/mgmt. of the market has changed at least 4 times during that period, but always friendly folks. The meat market has been consistently good...also the cheapest bottle of spanish capers to be had in town, and a wide selection of Mexican, Central American goods, dried herbs. Good fresh tortillas...they used to have a greater selection of pan dulce, but something I should probably survive without anyway.