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Jul 14, 2008 11:08 AM

Looking for Healthy but DELICIOUS Cookies & Brownies

My current cutting cycle prevents me from eating all those wonderful, wonderful treats I love for the next 6 weeks. Now, I love salad, can easily live without beef, fries and starches but my weakness has always been treats. Brownies and Cookies.

And i'm not talking those flavorless brown bricks from the nearby Provigo that could double as plywood. But rather chewy, tasty and FLAVORFUL brownies and cookies.... Especially brownies with low calories/carbs. Now I know that there are recipes out there but, I don't have the time and patience these days. (No AC in the kitchen)

So any suggestion to make those next few weeks easier to bare would be welcomed. :)

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  1. I had a tasty brownie a week or so ago at Stew stop in Old Montreal (they specialize in cooking with organic, healthier ingredients). Apparently, it had some beans in it, they must have been ground up and blended quite well because all I tasted was deliciousness.

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    1. re: morebubbles

      Looks pretty good, thanks! Did it have a calorie/carbs content label- assuming it came packaged?

      And err, what's the white stuff? Mashed apples?

      1. re: BoomerKid

        It wasn't packaged, but they do package everything they sell for take out. You could ask them for a nutrient breakdown, I imagine they may provide that kind of information as it's a health-conscious place.
        The creamy looking dollop on the side is a type of lemon curd (which was super lemony).

    2. don't fight it.

      Get the best one you can get and just eat one.

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      1. re: Maximilien

        Nah, I'd like to think I can do 6 months without a decadent Second Cup Monster Brownie.

        And in the meantime I did go to Stew Stop today for the brownie in question (walked all the way from Concordia and back in fact).

        So imagine my WTFness when i check the label and see that it has about 700 calories by package and doesn't really seem healthier than your average brownie- I wasn't expected a 10 calorie brownie but still lol.

        The good news however is that it is in fact quite yummy, and maybe as a side effect of the natural fills you up really quickly. I had about 1/5 of the teenie package and was full.

      2. Aux Vivres have a great treats selection. Everything is vegan, and I think organic too. In their Express section, they have a great selection of cookies, cakes and brownies pre-wrapped to go.

        The restaurant part has a larger dessert selection (cakes, pies, chocolate parfait, truffles sometimes, etc) which changes quite regularly. They do have certain things consistently like their Choco Banana pie, which I love!

        So far I haven't been disappointed by any of their desserts, and you never feel like you are eating a flavour compromised healthy version.

        Yesterday I had the double chocolate and pecan cookie which was delicious! Their brownies have nice fudgy interior, slightly crumbly exterior with a small amount of nuts, I think little chunks of pecans again. You can also pretty much get anything they sell in the restaurant section to go as well.

        There aren't any calorie counts available so I don't know how calorie friendly they are, but due to the vegan & organic nature of the products it's definitely worthwhile trying them.

        Aux Vivres
        4631 boulevard Saint-Laurent
        (514) 842-3479