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Jul 14, 2008 11:07 AM

why no Market Basket in Manchester?

I shopped at Concord location this weekend and really miss Market Basket and its great prices. As someone who lives in Manchester, my only option is a once a month trip to Nashua to hit Trader Joe's too.

Does anyone know whay Manchester, ith its diverse economic population, doesn't have a Market Basket?

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  1. I have asked the manager of the Nashua MB this same question (as I too live in Manchester NH and travel to Nashua all the time to go to MB, I really do save enough even with gas prices what they are to drive the 30 miles round trip once a week to MB.

    He mentioned something about Manchester zoning and how Shaw's and Hannaford and Stop and Shop pay huge payouts to the town to keep MB OUT of Manchester.

    1. There's a Market Basket in Londonderry, just off Exit 4, behind the Wendy's. Not much closer than Nashua, but maybe it's more on your way somewhere.

      Also, I just checked Google and there's THREE Market Baskets on the same stretch of road with less than a mile seperating each. What the hell!

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        Concord has one- and there's other good reasons to go north, but no Trader Joes

        1. re: edinaeats

          Concord actually has 2 Market Baskets. The one that is near Shaw's and Hannaford's on Fort Eddy, and then one down on Storrs St. in the little strip mall across from Hermano's. Both are oddly next to Concord's liquor stores and cheap Chinese buffet places.

          1. re: Whydon

            I think they closed the Chinese Buffet place last year on Storrs St location. And there are several MBs in Nashua, including an area on 101-a where there are 3 MB's wihin a couple of miles... one area has 2 MB's less than 1/4th a mile apart....

        2. re: Ratatouille

          I assume you are referring to the ones on Amherst Street--the amazing thing is that they are all always busy!

          1. re: qianning

            The MB at Westside Plaza on Amherst Street is a very well-run store. The manager is always out on the floor assisting customers, They are expanding the store, probably to keep up with the Walmart superstore down the street and Shaw's and Stop & Shop in Milford.

            1. re: whs

              Agreed. The store near exit 8 is also a good location, I shop at either one depending on which way i am travelling (they are about equidistant from my home).

              Just a side note, yesterday I was in Hudson and stopped at the Stop & Shop there, as it turned out they didn't have what I wanted and I went to the Market Basket next door--MB was bustling, while S&S was totally quiet.

        3. I'm down here in Southern MA and I have to drive about 30 minutes to Bellingham, or Ashland to go to a MB. It's worth it, but I always try to make it on my way to somewhere else or for some other reason. They don't compare to the one in Hudson though, I love their deli and Market Place.

          1. Isn't there one in Bedford,NH on So River, accross fromTBones?

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