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Jul 14, 2008 10:54 AM

Special Occasion Restaurant Baltimore

Hi everyone,
I need a restaurant recommendation for a special occasion.

I will be moving to Baltimore in August for a job. At the beginning of September, I'm planning a small party to celebrate a number of things. I'm originally from the DC area so I'm pretty familiar with restaurants there, but I'd like to plan this celebration in Baltimore.

I'm looking for a restaurant that could comfortably serve a small group (10-12 people), not necessarily in a separate room, but I'm open to that as an option. While I love ethnic food, I was thinking of something more French Bistro, New American, even Italian since it seems that having options might be good in this situation (we have a mix of folks in this group, different ages and preferences). Also, a quieter restaurant with nice ambiance is important. Does anyone have any ideas for a place that might work? How is Charleston Restaurant or Petit Louis Bistro? I love places like Eve (in Old Town Alexandria), Vidalia, Black Salt, Palena, Mendocino Grill. Something nice but not too too pricey (20-30 entrees is good) would be perfect.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. Charleston is expensive - it's suppose to be the best restaurant in Baltimore. Petit Louise is a pretty good place - owned by the same people. Petit Louise is kind of noisy - food and atmosphere are ok - it's a French Bistro.

    I really loved Tersiguel's the time I went. My Fiance has been there a couple of times and we agree that it's a very nice place - food is really great, service is very professional and it's a comfortable atmosphere (it's an old home that was once the residence of Elicott City's first Mayor). Tersiguel's is in the historical section of Ellicott City and their food is considered to be country French. They have a farm and grow many seasonal items.

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      TIO PEPE'S is wonderful Spanish cuisine. It is a Baltimore landmark.
      I recommend the garlic shrimp w/ rice and escargot.

    2. Charleston is the best special occasion restaurant in B-more, but very pricy. Petit Louis is good bistro food but pricy for what it is. Not sure about Petit Louise (sister restaurant?). I like Tio's but it is living on memories. Salt in east Baltimore would fit your bill nicely, great foie gras and Kobe sliders among other things. I've not been to Jack's but others find it festive and tasty. Chameleon Cafe has excellent food in your price range.

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        Sister restaurant, love it!

      2. I would recommend Woodberry kitchen and Abercrombie, both New American style cuisine. Both have great food; Woodberry is more green friendly, has a great wine list and more space, but Abercrombie has a nice, intimate atmosphere and also a good wine list.

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          I would second both of these choices, especially Woodberry. Although, 10-12 people may be difficult at both of them.

        2. Corks in Federal Hill has a nice upstairs dining room that is perfect for that number of people. Paid parking on west street parking lot, depending on the night you go you might find on-street parking.

          1. "haldi"--WELCOME TO B'MORE! I'm going out on a bit of limb here. Will probably get some backlash to my suggestions as to a "special occasion restaurant."

            Pisces in the Baltimore Hyatt has a fantastic view, nice cuisine, and can accommodate your group with ease. Also, the Brass Elephant is a lovely restaurant with a bit of French flair, and is certainly equipped to accommodate your group providing an area of the restaurant that would give you privacy.

            Now, I must say, I haven't been to either in a few years, so my fellow Chowhounds will "yeah" or "nay" my recommendations. They are not shy in expressing their opinions.

            Charleston and Kali's Court are terrific restaurants, but exceed your price point.

            Tio Pepe's is also an appropriate suggestion. It is, indeed, a Baltimore institution. My husband and I dined there about a week ago and were satisfied with our meal. The pricing would be inline with what you are comfortable with.

            "whitemarshjohn" (who is quite reliable with suggestions), recommended Tergisuel's in Ellicott City. It is a very lovely dining environment, but I've had "hits and misses." BUT, and this is important to note, the last time I dined there was last Thanksgiving Day. I make it a point to NEVER JUDGE a restaurant and it's abilities on a Holiday. It may be a bit too crowded for a group. You may want to see if they have an available private area for a larger group.

            Anyhow, once you are acclimated to our Fair City, you'll be able to experience many wonderful places with your fork and knife. FoiGras

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              Tersiguels has private dining areas that could easily hold 10-12 people.

              I have been there about a dozen times now....never a bad meal...ask for CHARLIE as your waiter!