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Jul 14, 2008 10:45 AM

Best Cheese Course

I'm new to Philly and I wondered whether someone could tell me which restaurant in the city has the best cheese course.


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  1. The one I purchase myself.

    I have never been to a restaurant that has been able to put all of my favorites together, with perfect crackers. And for the cost of the meals in upper echelon dining...I'd rather drop $200 at the cheese shop and (and have the cheese enjoyment extended!), and $200 at the restaurant and try their confections, personally. Especially now that the cheeses are a lot more easilly attainable.

    My post sounds rude, it's not meant to. Is there a particular cheese you are looking for, or what type of meal are you looking for? I guess that would help.

    1. Cheese is currently my favorite meal of all, so I'm always on the lookout for a great cheese course. Some I've found so far that I really like:

      Fork--you can choose three, or I believe five (I always go with three) from their always-changing list. Comes with fruit.

      Bistro 7--three pre-selected cheeses, which usually includes Humboldt Fog. Comes with pistachio brittle and honey.

      Zinc Bistro--L'assiette Francaise has meats as well (they also have one with just cheese); chef's choice. It is fabulous.

      Tria and Beneluxx--if you love cheese, you must go to these places; both have extensive cheese-tasting menus.

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        Last time I was at Beneluxx they were serving cheese at temperatures that were far too cold. I'd go to Tria instead.

        1. re: Buckethead

          i was underwhelmed by beneluxx. while i LOVE tria (yes, love in all caps) i have tended to go wrong in my cheese ordering, but i'm convinced this might be me. there are verrrry few meatless ingredients on this earth that i don't like but stinky blue cheeses are one of them.

          while it wasn't a cheese PLATE, there was a cheese at tinto that nearly had me in tears, it was so good. i think it was a boucheron. it was so good it was ridiculous. i didn't think i could love a cheese that much.

          1. re: Buckethead

            I have been to Beneluxx several times, and haven't experienced the temperature problem--could it have been a temporary glitch? I hope so...

            I enjoy both equally, although each one can be a very different experience. What I especially like about Beneluxx is that you can sample a large variety at fairly low cost. Tria is a little pricier, but you also get wonderful accompaniments (like truffle mushroom pate).

        2. I feel like a lot of places in town that have cheese courses tend to have cheeses that are readily available at the Whole Foods cheese counter (like Humboldt Fog). I would say that Tria is an exception, and while it's not a full "restaurant," it is a destination for cheese lovers.

          Of all the cheese courses in all the restaurants I've tried, Lacroix has been my favorite. Lots to choose from, knowledgable staff, and generous servings.

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          1. re: urbanfabric

            Tria is great...and if you don't get your fill (well at the 18th St location) you're less than a block away from DiBruno's and their cheese cave with a selection in the hundreds.

          2. Domaine Hudson, if you venture into Wilmington, about 30 min south of Philly. Choice of 3 cheeses for $15 or 5 for $25. Cheeses are from Murray's in NYC.