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Jul 14, 2008 10:43 AM

San Antonio...Funky Spots for a New Orleans Girl

Any cool spots ya'll can recommend to a real foodie?
My husband and 6 year old are coming for a week....
Thinking about:
Liberty Bar
Las Cararias

We love great mexican, and funky atmospheres....

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  1. Paloma Blanca in Alamo Heights on Broadway is great Mexican. The vibe is hip, upscale Mexican. The outdoor patio is fantastic.

    Adelante off New Braunfels in Alamo Heights is "healthy Tex-Mex"—wonderful healthy (or healthier!) variations on Mexican food, many of them vegetarian, though they have plenty of meat options for non-vegetarians. The atmosphere is funky, the decor is eclectic and the menu provides options you won't find elsewhere at typical San Antonio Mexican food places.

    Madhatter's has excellent weekend brunch. I suggest arriving before noon because they sometimes run out of their specialty items like salmon eggs benedict and migas with tamales. It's a relaxed atmosphere, located in King William District.

    I second your idea for Rosario's. Fun atmosphere, especially when they have live musicians.

    1. hmm, ask about bbq or mexican and these texans know where to go....

      you know where to get good west coast style pho in SA or NB?

      1. LOL...I am from Metairie and am in San Antonio till This coming Saturday(19th). Liberty Bar is great, little on the $ side but well worth it. They make a great margarita too. Taqueria Guadalajara on 2702 Roosevelt Ave just south of the city is really good. Blue Star brewing in the King William District was great, I recommend the Blueberry Wit. Going to Mad Hatters for breakfast tomorrow. Henry's puffy tacos, Chris Madrid's for burgers, Dewiese's Tip Top Cafe in Fredricksburg and Los Barios. I am sure there are more but these are just a few that I have written down to go to.

        1. I moved here from San Antonio and like Liberty Bar, Pesca, bar at the Menger Hotel, Azuca, La Frite.