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Jul 14, 2008 10:37 AM

The Chocolate Room: Transcendent

The Chocolate Room is an incredible chocolate-centered dessert cafe which serves cakes, cookies, ice cream, shakes, hot chocolate, and the like in a sleek if somewhat cramped Cobble Hill space (this is their second location; their first is in Park Slope). We started with a Valrhona chocolat sorbet, which was soft, served just at the right temperature, and had beautiful floral chocolate notes.

I tasted a small, thick, round, soft chocolate walnut cookie, which was moist and tasty. For a main course, we had a brownie sundae, probably the best of its type I have ever had. The brownie, which was warm and light, seemed an ethereal expression of chocolate that melded perfectly with the denser hot fudge beneath it, the cool refreshing vanilla ice cream above it, and the crowning, luscious whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top. All five layers together were a transporting sonata, a meditation on chocolate, cream, eggs, texture, and temperature that was transcendent.

That finished up the "meal," but there is so much more I want to try there. Perhaps the hot chocolate made with Guittard and bourbon vanilla, or the milkshakes, or the tantalizing-looking chocolate cake. But I am without a doubt that this place rocks.

The Vegetarian New Yorker:

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  1. I am a big fan of the Chocolate Room (the Park Slope original.)

    I adore the Brownie Sundae and think the Valrhona sorbet is amazing. However, I once tried the milk shake and found it to be extremely disappointing. It was very thin and overly milky. A rare negative for one of my favorite places to indulge.

    We had them make 200 or so brownies as favors for our wedding. They were very accommodating, gave us a fair price, and the brownies stayed moist and fresh in the wrapping for days!

    1. I've somehow never been able to get past my love for their chocolate pudding to order anything else. But I tried my daughter's brownie and it was pretty fabulous. I'm pretty thrilled that I don't have to shlep to the Slope anymore, as the new location is much closer. Although perhaps getting some exercise before and after indulging wasn't such a bad thing!

      1. We stopped in for an excellent banana milkshake to go, and picked a handful of chocolates too. Everything was delicious. I'm so glad we suddenly have so many cute options in the area for dessert after dinner (when you include One Girl, Blue Marble, etc).

        1. I went here for the first time last night and have to say for the money was less than enthused. The service was slow, it seemed like they had one poor waitress working the whole joint by herself. The brownie sundae that was supposedly to die for didn't do much for me and my gf, I think this had more to do with the ice cream though. The special sandwhiches were alright, I got a peanut butter cookie and banana rum ice cream in the middle. Again the ice cream was lacking in flavor, the idea sounded great. I actually had to ask for some hot fudge to dip it in to make it taste better.

          For the $40 (without alcohol) I would've rather tacked half of that onto my dinner check and had the same quality dessert or maybe even better. As far as atmosphere, it's pretty cozy, you're sitting shoulder to shoulder with others, it could be a romantic place for ending a date, we got some chocolates to take home and they were good, but pricey. It seems like a place to go for some chocolates and wine which I think is the main point that gets confused with about average desserts.

          Also, we didn't order alcohol but 2 cappuccinos and a hot chocolate and it took forever to get all of them, if you're going to have us wait 30 min for our dessert at least give us our drinks timely... didn't get them until literally right before our desserts. Maybe we hit it on a bad night, maybe a waitress called in sick, I'll try it again but stick towards wine and chocolates.

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            I'm more inclined to agree with you than the other posters.

            I stopped by The Chocolate Room after Lucali a few weeks ago. The staff was really, really nice -- including the owner. The service was lovely, though we were sitting right up front at the bar.

            But the food? The food was kind of... uninteresting. Maybe I just have more of a sweet tooth than most but the 2 desserts we ordered, plus the hot fudge they let me sample, plus the "amuse" they gave us when we came in -- not a single one of them really did it for me.

            I'll have to try it again though -- lots of other rave about it.


            1. re: Peter

              The mint chocolate ice cream at Chocolate Room is down right transcendent. If that was the only thing they sold I'd consider the place worthy of visiting, that is how much I love the stuff. It tastes like pure frozen mint (akin to eating a frozen mojito) with shards of excellent dark chocolate.

              I've never even been a fan of mint chocolate ice cream prior........

              Other than that, I've only had ice cream shakes and chocolates. And always to go. But everything has always been great....the food, the staff, etc.

          2. I will throw in my hat as a big fan of the Chocolate Room. Honestly though, I've had trouble getting past the chocolate sorbet. If you are a dark chocolate person, it's really the best option out there-tastes just like a melted, cool bar of high quality dark.
            It's actually getting to a point of obsession-the Chocolate Room is so close to home, and on a hot summer day...
            i did however manage to try the chocolate chip cookies as well and found them also very, very good. I'm a bit of a chocolate fiend, and this is probably the best addition to the neighborhood in a long time.

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            1. re: healaeats

              We've only tried a box of assorted chocolates so far. They were great; a very interesting and delicious variety.

              By comparison, has anyone tried the new extension of Sweet Melissa's (I forget the name) with icecream and the like?

              1. re: Matt M.

                Chocolate Room ice cream is MUCH better with higher quality ingredients and made fresh than the Sweet Melissa stuff. The main issue with CR ice cream is that the texture is a bit too icy and not creamy enough.

                Neither holds a candle to Blue Marble.

                1. re: oolah

                  hmm...I do agree that I would like the CR ice cream to be a little creamier. But I still have to disagree. The mint chocolate ice cream at CR is far tastier than any of the flavors I've had at Blue Marble, though I'm a big fan of their ice creams too.

                  1. re: Nehna

                    That mint ice cream at CR is the best of the flavors they make. It tastes like the pure essence of a fresh mint leaf and is *really* refreshing, but I just can't get past the lack of creaminess.

                    I haven't tried any minty flavors at Blue Marble, but the blackberry is probably the best ice cream I've ever had anywhere.

                    1. re: oolah

                      I haven't had the blackberry, I'll have to try that. I love the ginger and the strawberry at BM.

                      I wish we could cross the creamy BM ice cream with the flavor at CR ;)