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Jul 14, 2008 10:07 AM

Downtown Toronto Hen Night

Hi Folks - A group of 25 women will be hitting the town for a hen night here in Toronto. I'm looking for suggestions for some places that has reasonably priced food and can accommodate a group of our size. Ideally would be in the downtown core, nothing north of College.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. go to The Spice Route- you'll have a blast. The food stinks, but just share apps and stuff- it's all about the martinis and the boys anyway, in this case, isnt it?

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    1. re: nummanumma

      Yea if you like slow services, overpriced foodcourt chinese food and a ton of macho men who compare the size of thier portfolios all night while commenting on the size of the womens....

      Anyway... any place that will not let you back to your table on the patio because they are "too full" even after the stamped your hand is not worth attending...

      1. re: OnDaGo

        'Yea if you like slow services, overpriced foodcourt chinese food' -

        *uh hummm... that's why I said the food stinks.

        'and a ton of macho men who compare the size of thier portfolios all night while commenting on the size of the womens....'

        *'s a hen night you goose- of course they want macho men ;)

        But seriously, I wouldn't recommend it for anything other than a girls' night out with single friends.

      2. re: nummanumma

        We actually tried Spice Route but there were booked. Not so much my kind of place but the bride to be would enjoy the environment and the eye candy! :-)

        1. re: JennaBean

          yes exactly- it isn't my 'cup of tea' either, but if you need fun spot for a bunch of women, it's guaranteed bustling and schmoozy.

          1. re: nummanumma

            Ordinarily, if you're looking for drinks and bustle, yeah Spice Route would be fine.

            However, OnDaGo's comments are pretty much on the mark. And if they're not, there's no denying the frustrations of Spice Route's pitiful bathroom situation. Long, long, long, lineups, which is very frustrating after all those martinis.

      3. Does your group have any food preferences, dislikes, allergies, or special needs such as vegan or wheelchair accessibility?

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        1. re: Googs

          No real food preferences (no pork but that's pretty easy to work around) and no accessibility issues.

          1. re: JamieK

            21 to 40! I know, it is an odd mix but there are some family members coming out who are a bit younger.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Hi Folks - Just wanted to let you know that we ended up at Cafe Mercatto on Toronto Street. They handled our large (and somewhat tipsy) group of 25 rather well and had us onto our next stop in about two hours. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, the price point was right, the wine list rather impressive for a casual place.