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Jul 14, 2008 09:57 AM

Dinning Mid week lunch for large group Santa Fe?

Looking for some suggestions for a mid week lunch spot close to City Hall in Santa Fe. From the bay area and love great food & atmosphere? We have a large group about 15 people celebrating a wedding. Any suggestions?

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  1. Here are some to consider"
    Here are some places to start:

    Cafe Pasqual's -
    Coyote Cafe -
    The Shed -
    La Casa Sena http -
    At LaFonda Hotel either a small banquet or at La Plazuela -

    1. What about Santacafe ? Any thoughts?

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      1. re: napawinegirl

        I have heard that Santacafe can be hit or miss, though many have said it is excellent.

        1. re: napawinegirl

          Santacafe has a nice interior, and their food is decent, but not the best in town.

          Cafe Pasqual's is probably too small for a group of your size.

          I would recommend the restaurant at the Inn of the Anasazi, The Shed (more casual), or La Casa Sena (which has a gorgeous outdoor seating area).