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Jul 14, 2008 09:44 AM

Mio--Any good?

Hi All,

I haven't heard a whole lot about Mio in awhile. I've personally never been but was thinking about making a reservation there for my anniversary in August.

We are looking for something more on the low-key side and not incredibly expensive (not Citronelle or Restaurant Eve like we did last year), since we will be spending the day before in Annapolis and having a nice meal there as well.

It looks like Mio was heavy on the fish/seafood which I personally love. Has anyone been there recently? Is it good for a laid back anniversary celebration? Anything that is a must try?

Other places we are considering are PS7 and Rasika. These all seem to be in the same price range.


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  1. I just read that Mio is extending RW for the month of August, making it an even more affordable anniversary deal.

    Anyone tried it recently?

    1. I can't comment on Mio because I have yet to be there as well (it's on my list), but if you haven't been to PS7 yet I would highly recommend it. Last time I was there, they had an outstanding braised rabbit appetizer that definitely rivaled the best food I've had at Eve. Also, if you do go you should ask for one of the corner tables as they are romantic and would make for a really nice anniversary dinner.

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        Thanks DCFoodie for the recommendation. I've never been to PS7 for a full meal but am going during RW (and possibly to the lounge tonight again!!). If I don't hear anything about Mio I might just go with PS7. It appeals to me especially because the chef uses a lot of local produce and sourcing and that is something my bf loves.

      2. I go there for happy hour a lot (the place is nearly always empty, which is a shame). They do really yummy specialty cocktails - prickly pear, blood orange margarita, etc. I've ordered off their small plates menu during happy hour, when each are $6- have had great meatballs, avocado won tons, shrimp, etc., which I think speaks well for what dinner would be like. Best dish ever on hh menu - burrata cone, so yum.

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          The Post article today about rabbit said that Stefano (previously of Maestro) is leaving Mio on August 1st. I think this is probably the best for everyone involved. I think Stefano deserves a better setting (in a more convenient location) and I think the owner needs to cater to the clientel he already attracts instead of trying to attract a new one.

          1. re: Pappy

            I saw that the chef is leaving. For those that have been to Mio, I hear pretty good things but I think I might hold off until they get a new chef. Plus, I am a little turned off by the fact that everyone seems to say they are nearly empty on the weekends at dinner. I do want to try it though eventually.

        2. Rasika — not so romantic, at least in my opinion. something about indian food i guess turns me off...the food's quite good, don't get me wrong...just something about the flavors don't exactly scream anniversary.

          i'd stay away from mio during this whole chef-leaving-new-chef-coming-in thing...just my opinion, would wait till the restaurant gets on an even keel.

          have you been to notti bianche?? it's very good, low-key and not incredibly expensive...wonderful prosecco too for celebrating anniversary.

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          1. re: littlew1ng

            We had a horrible experience at Notti Bianche, which I've written about a number of times.

            I'm trying PS7 for RW (I've only had their lounge menu before). If I love it I might make a reservation there.

            1. re: littlew1ng

              How many chefs is this for Mio now in the short time they've been open? I think the new one might be their 4th??

            2. I would do Rasika over PS7 any day. The food I think is extremely good, I like Indian food though and the flavors are excellent, they had lamb that you didn't need a knife to cut, which is very impressive for lamb. Their cocktails are good (the bartender I love now at Eat Bar used to work here I think they still must use her recipes as the cocktails are very creative) as is their wine list, and the service was the best I have ever had anywhere in Washington. It can be a little noisy, but it is truly good

              PS7 is nice, the food I have had at the bar was good, nothing wow, Rasika is wonderful. Haven't been to Mio.

              And remember the walking tour from the Historic Annapolis Foundation downtown at the waterfront is really nice, it isn't guided so you can go at your own pace and go into places, it is just the audio you rent and bring back by the end of the day, if they still have it, you could call to check. It goes into the state house, but you can stop it and read the info there and everything. Because after you walk the whole town you might not want to go back to some areas so you might want to be able to stop along the way.

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              1. re: ktmoomau

                Thanks for all the recommendations. I'm leaning towards Rasika right now just because neither of us have tried it and I hear great things. Plus--I think Indian food can be romantic...:)