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Jul 14, 2008 09:24 AM

I have a question about Starfish

I haven't been yet, despite it being in my neighbourhood. I have been looking at the menu and I noticed that they have a special that goes on Sunday-Wednesday where you can get 100 oysters for $100. Has anyone done this (or the small orders) before? How big are the oysters? Is it a good deal or is it better to order off the oyster menu?

Help would be appreciated because if it's good, I want to get some friends together for the oysters and the magnum of champagne! :-)

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  1. I have never ordered the 100 oysters for $100 so I don't know what varietals you'd get
    The oysters on the regular menu are anywhere from $2.50ish to $3.50ish a piece

    Malpeques and Bra D'Ors are on the larger size -- ie a dozen of those and a pint = full
    Kumamotos are small, maybe half the size of Malpeques
    Other varietals (at least the ones usually on the Stafrish menu) tend to be larger than Kumamotos

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    1. re: mac n cheeze

      The deal is for 100 Malpeques, which are pretty large and very common as far as oysters go. I tried this special with 6 friends, and ordered some salad, frites, and pints to go with. It made for a very enjoyable evening with wonderful service.

      1. re: dlw88

        ugh -- 100 malpeques....doesn't matter how many friends there are

        I too prefer a variety of tastes

    2. i thought at one point they actually changed the menu to explicitly say malpeques, but that could be in the restaurant rather than online.

      it's a great deal if you enjoy malpeques but if you want to branch out and try the very nicely chosen varieties at starfish i'd suggest bringing a large group so you'd have a little extra space to get others.

      i'm not a malpeque gal so i stick to the a la carte.

      1. I have tried different combinations of ordering a la carte + different sizes of combo at Starfish. I did the 100 oysters with 6 friends one time and found it a good deal with 1/3 Malque, 1/3 Colville Bay and 1/3 Scallop in that plate. I "think" it changes all the time with what's available that day. Each of us still order a main course afterward.

        1. I've never had the 100 for $100 deal... but the restaurant itself is fabulous!

          The staff are very educated, and the food is so YUMMY!

          I would definitely recommend the restaurant to anyone who enjoys real seafood.