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Jul 14, 2008 09:22 AM

Taco shop - Keyport/Aberdeen

This little taco shop is recently opened. Formerly a pizzeria, the sign says Julia's Pizza, but they are selling only Mexican food. Location is on Maple Place, just south of Rt 35, across from the St Joseph's church complex.

We had tacos, and sopes, a thick deep-fried tortilla, spread with beans, topped with the meat of your choice, lettuce, a sliver of avocado, cheese, sour cream. You can get your tacos made tex-mex style or the classic cilantro and onion, with limes. We had the classic style.
They also make burritos, plantains, and other things.

We tried several fillings. Pork: the best mexican pork filling I've had in our area. Chicken: very good. Beef: the cooked beef is sliced thin, then chopped. It was good, but I prefer it cooked in small cubes. Chorizo: husband liked it, I didn't try it.

All food was very fresh and good. The place has a sincere quality. One thing I really liked is that she served us on real plates, glasses, and metal flatware. No disposables. I suspect they might start using disposables as they get more traffic.

Thanks to the folks at Battista's for recommending this place.

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  1. I believe I remember it recently being a coffee shop in addition to pizza? In any case, it's good to see something move in there - may have to try the food before I leave the area.

    1. Battista's yum...I digress...How were the plantains? Did you try?

      1. could you post good directions, from say the IHOP at the intersection of 35 and 36.

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          I could post directions, but they wouldn't be good. :-)
          Here are the directions to Day funeral home, which is just a few doors away from the taco shop.

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            Go onto the parkway entrance and turn right onto clark before getting onto the parkway and then make then 2nd left (no sign but after st. joseph's the red brick building) onto Nappi pl. Turn left at the light onto Maple. Julias is on the right.

          2. Thanks for the tip. Mom lives in Sayreville, not far from rt 35 and I now live in Maine where Mexican food is NOT a specialty. I lived a long time in New Mexico and our daughter is in Austin w/ taco trucks galore. I'm driving down on Sat. w/ one of my sons who was recently in Mexico City to pick up another visiting from Seoul. This taco shop sound like a perfect stop after hiking in Cheesequake St. Pk. There is also a good taco shop, on Main St. in South River, Tapatillo(?).
            Do they serve tacos al pastor, kinda like a gyro taco?
            Thanks again, I'm excited.

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            1. re: Passadumkeg

              If you want to do a taco shop crawl, there is another one nearby, in downtown Keyport. See discussion:

              1. re: val ann c

                Val, I was going to recomend Taco's No Problem to you. While I haven't tried the (still unnamed taquaria formerly Julia's) one of my 'friends' who washes dishes for a living prefers Taco's No Problem. I actually just finished lunch there, I had the Tacos al Pastor, very good. Spicy pork, pineapple, onion & cilantro, with sliced radish, salsa verde, and lime wedges on the side. They are however cooked on the griddle, not stacked vertically (traditional) like a Passadumkeg has mentioned. I also love the Tortas (Mexican sandwiches) there. - Oh and the Ague de Limon, with a touch of coconut is great on a hot day - or night in the kitchen! Although it is a little sweet, we just pour it over extra ice to 'Americanize' it!

            2. Julia's on Maple Place in Keyport has changed ownership. We were disappointed with the tacos. Nowhere near the standard of the previous owner.

              My current taco places are:
              > "Tacos no Problem" in downtown Keyport. (Thanks Drew and other chowhounds for the recommendation.)
              > Lino's (former Asporto Cafe) in Red Bank.

              There is a little Mexican bakery cafe Next to Julia's on Maple Place. We took out a bag of tamales, but were quite disappointed in the flavor and texture. I will say their pastries and flan looked good, though we didn't try them.

              Any suggestions on good places for tamales and tacos?