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Jul 14, 2008 09:12 AM

phx - local beef at the downtown farmers market

hi all,

it's the first time i've been on-line since friday *the horrors* so i haven't had a chance to write,

but there's a new local rancher at the downtown phoenix market. they were from kearney, and i wish i could remember their names :(

what i will tell you is that their prices ROCKED..they only had 6 kinds of beef, in 2 categories, 5 bucks a pound, and 8 bucks a pound.

in the 8 bucks a pound category - new york strip, rib eye and one other

in the 5 bucks a pound category - flank steak, ground beef, and one other

sorry i can't remember the one other in both categories :(

but they are a local rancher, they have 27,000 acres, the meat is hormone and steroid free, they feed on grass and some grain.

they said they only brought a couple things to see what sold and boy was it selling. i was there at 8:30 *they open at 8* and they'd already sold thru about 20% of what they brought.

they said they'd be willing to do 'custom orders' - ie call/order from them, and they'd bring it down to you. they also said they'd deliver!!

i left their flyer at home - i'll update with the info - but i wanted to let everyone know that there's beef now, at a good price, at the market!!

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  1. This is very exciting! I was planning on heading down there Sat morning and didn't make it. Now I wish I had. I hope they'll be there next week!

    1. Someone will have to report back on how it tastes - I'm looking forward to picking up my meat order from A Bar H on Friday!

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      1. re: azhotdish

        will do, azhotdish :)

        i remembered their name - here's a link to their site..and its dry aged for 21 days, i left out htat part ;)

      2. Thanks for the info - much appreciated!